Updates to TransparentBliss 3 Released

Updated TransparentBliss 3
The template is currently available to premium members, and can be downloaded here.
Layout Selection
-Layout Selection in the Template Options (Less-Transparent, More-Transparent, Square-Corners)
Layout Problem
-Layout Problem with “Visitors” in the left menu solved
Insert a footer
-Changes for the footer-text can make in the template options
Insert the Bear in footer
-It can enable/disable in the template-options
-Setup a Daughter […]

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Bears and Motorcycles are a Bad Mix

For those of you who don’t me, I’m Lachlan MacKinven, also known as Big Bear here at Joomlabear. I founded Joomlabear with my brother, Alexis, in 2007. This post is really for the friends and supporters in our community who have been so wonderful over the past 4 years. Many of you have most likely […]

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Joomulus Updated

Joomulus has been updated and fixes a possible XSS attack vulnerability.
Please download the update now, and please ensure that all Tag URL’s you enter into the module parameters include http:// at the start, i.e. they should not begin with www.

How was Joomulus Vulnerable To Cross-Site Scripting?
Joomulus uses SWFObject.js to embed and pass flashvars, both Adobe […]

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