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Thanking Joomla Themes UK

I was looking at our Google Analytics today and noticed have consistently sent us traffic ever since we released our very first version of BlackBear over one year ago. An astonishing number of visitors when you add them all up.
Thanks Joomla Themes, we really appreciate your support.
I’ve made a little video below to show […]

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Joomla 1.5 SEO

This is the first in a series of tutorials I’ve decided to put together to share my knowledge of Optimizing Joomla 1.5 For Search Engines.
The information below is an outline of a number ot techniques and tools you can use to perform on-page optimization, but off-page optimization is also a very important part of Joomla […]

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BlackBearPro Chromatic Released

The Chromatic version of our very popular BlackBear was released today. You can have a look at the demo site here.
I think the colors are working really nicely and seem even more vibrant than PolarBear Chromatic.
At present the commercial version is available for $10 from our store. It features built in front end color switcher, […]

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