2009, Year Of The JoomlaBear

A few quick updates.

I’ve dropped the adsense from the blog feed – It was pretty annoying and I wondered why people would subscribe and then leave again within a few days – I subscribed to my own feed a few days ago and noticed how the format appears to be just a few lines of text and then an annoying ad… I actually had forgotten I’d  activated ads for the feed… It sort of just happened while I was playing around with my adsense account before Xmas.

You only get a partial feed at present but I know I can give you guys the full post in your feed reader. If this would this be preferable then leave me a comment saying so.

When I set up this blog initially I raced through the options without thinking to much – but have since found that I absolutely love blogging, and an audience seems to be developing with traffic increasing by the day. So I’m keen now to tailor the site as much as possible to you, my readers.

I’ll also be removing the rest of the adsense from this blog – It just bugs me, and you are all way to clued up to click ads. I’ll be replacing this with a showcase of some of my best template work and upcoming Joomla Templates.

It’s been particularly hectic the past few weeks – My business partner, and much beloved younger brother, has been away. It’s amazing how much work there is to do when there is only one person to do the work of two.

The past couple of weeks I’ve mainly been finishing some enhancements to www.ninjakiwi.com, which was one of my biggest projects last year. NinjaKiwi receives over 100,000 visitors per day, is designed by yours truly, and is proudly running Joomla!

And this brings me to an interesting announcement – JoomlaBear is winding up client work and preparing to focus solely on Joomla Template production. 2009 will see more templates from Big Bear than you can shake a hosting account at.

On our test server a new JoomlaBear is being born that includes a phpBB powered forum, linked to the powerful Joomla user registration process via a wonderful Joomla plugin called JFusion. This allows users to register once on either the phpBB forum, or Joomla’s front end, and the same user account then works for both applications.

And of course I’m using WordPress here for the blog. So it looks like 2009 will also be the year that JoomlaBear tries to keep his fingers in all the best open source CMS projects ;-) And I will certainly be writing more on the Joomla vs. WordPress debate which I find increasingly interesting, and difficult to answer! As both systems have some obvious strengths, and weaknesses.

If you have thoughts, or requests for topics you would like me to write about, then by all means leave me a comment. My primary skills include 12 years of web development and design with PHP, Flash, HTML and CSS. Joomla, WordPress, Photoshop & Fireworks are some of my best buddies – we hang out all the time. I have focused a lot of energy on Internet Marketing in recent years and have plenty of SEO stories to tell.

Wishing you all well and look forward to hearing from you.

Big Bear


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  1. I would definitely like to see a long promised tutorial on casenano.com ;)

    • That’s a very good reminder – and I was emailed earlier today by someone wanting the same thing. This goes straight to the top of the list.

  2. keep up the good work. looking forward to more joomla templates, tips and tricks.

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