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Halloween Joomla Template – The Making Of

View the Halloween Template Demo
Our Free Halloween Joomla Template is live and the official template page can be found at the previous link. There you will find links to download, source files, documentation of module positions, etc.
The demo site was designed around the idea of a simple Halloween costumes store. I didn’t really get time […]

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Monster Energy Drink vs Vermonster

Excuse the off-topic post – this is not about Joomla! but an entirely different matter altogether. It is however about community and about people sticking together to defend what’s right and just. What it boils down to is this: a Billion dollar energy drink conglomerate called Hansen Beverage Co, has told a small Vermont Brewery […]

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Top List Of Joomla Blogs And Resources

Tess from ProThemer has put together a great list of Joomla Blogs which is a very useful resource for all, especially those of you who are new to the world of Joomla and just want to “cut to the chase “and find the best, most helpful list of Joomla Bloggers out there. We also wanted […]

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