Examples Of Adsense Font Size – Small, Medium & Large

Google has just added a new feature to Adsense – publishers may now choose the size of the font they wish to display.

This change will be welcomed by Adsense publishers small and large, near and far.

The crux of this change is that it allows publishers to create more unique looking ad units than have previously been available – while also attracting more attention to ads simply by making the text bigger.

To the right I have examples of the new Adsense font size configurations:

What I have noticed with my limited testing is that different ad blocks seem to be affected in different ways by the font size settings.

468×60 adsense blocks appeared not to be affected at all…
I found the 728×90 to be quite effective and am running a test on our Forum – have a look here.
The 728 leaderborad seems to work well with the new large font setting because it now always shows 3 large ads side by side. Previously you would get 3 or 4 ads, but most often 4.

I have also tested a 338×280 block set to large on leftover ham recipes. I don’t feel this really works as the ad prior to this fitted perfectly – now it looks cluttered. I will run this for a few days and see what click through rate it delivers.

I think this new feature from Google will definitely allow publishers to optimize ad placements and generate more adsense revenue, however my testing so far indicates that some testing and tweaking of ad formats is needed as the new options provide very different looking ads that may no longer work with your site aesthetics.

I’m keen to test out more ad blocks/sizes with different adsense font size settings and will report back on my findings.

Let me know in the comments if you have found an ad size/font size that works well for you. Leave a link to your site too!


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  1. It is definitely something that can have an impact on CTR and earnings. Have you had any significant improvements with your testing?


    • Hiya Mikael,
      Apologies for delayed response – been very busy of late.
      Adsense ad sizes do not seem to have had any effect on CTR on JoomlaBear – the sad fact is that this websites audience is far to clued up ;-) They just don’t click ads – I believe I’ve had 2-3 clicks total in the past week, from around 800 visitors per day… Another site I run in a completely different subject area, receives a similar amount of traffic but receives around 100 clicks per day… thats around 700 adsense clicks per week vs 2-3 clicks on Joomlabear.com.
      I have not tested any new adsense blocks on the other site yet.

  2. Great stuff, thanks! I just signed up for my adsense account, and was wondering if size would really effect conversions. Kinda glad to hear no change…saves me a lot of trouble tweaking it every week…but great info thanks!

  3. Hello Big Bear

    I just found your site, very nice :-).
    Thanks for the Adsense Reminder on the Font Size, will test it on my site. Just made the switch from WP to Joomla, now looking for templates. Cool Bear Logo btw.
    Gonna check back here again.


    ps. Google, keyword” great joomla adsense examples” you rank first for that. ;-)

  4. So what’s the verdict on text size? Go medium to make them stand out more, or keep them small to match the rest of the site?

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