Backing Up Your Joomla Site With Akeeba

In this video we run you through backing up your site with Akeeba Backup. If you have not installed Akeeba Backup on your Joomla site yet then head on over and download it. You’ll have your entire site backed up in about 5 minutes from now, and then you’ll sleep better at night.


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  1. Short and sweet. I look forward to the next video which is really the step that needs the extra care.


  2. Is it OK to have the JPA file in the public_html folder?
    Looking forward to the next video!

  3. Excellent video !! Why isn’t this extension included in the original Joomla! package ?

  4. Hi , Bears , Love this video , Thanks for your time in presenting it to us. Just installed the newest Akeeba version . Works Great !! What exactly is? and how important is Kickstart ?

  5. I’m a real fan of Akeeba Backup. Super software. sprachkurse

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