Bears and Motorcycles are a Bad Mix

Bear Sized Motorcycle Accident

For those of you who don’t me, I’m Lachlan MacKinven, also known as Big Bear here at Joomlabear. I founded Joomlabear with my brother, Alexis, in 2007. This post is really for the friends and supporters in our community who have been so wonderful over the past 4 years. Many of you have most likely wondered what happened to me, and why you have not heard a whisper from Big Bear for over 6 months. The long and the short of it is that I was a very, very unlucky bear.

At the end of last year I took a well earned holiday to Europe. I’d never seen Europe, and had been working almost non-stop for 10 years without a real break (except long weekends and Christmas, we always stop for Christmas).

So, in late October of last year I set off from New Zealand to see the world. The holiday was incredible, I met a  lot of wonderful people and saw some of the UK, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Portugal and Spain. However, just one month into the trip I unexpectedly got very sick. I was fortunate to be visiting a good friend in Romania at that point in my travels, and ended up spending a whole month with them, virtually bedridden and unable to move. I won’t bore you with details, but I eventually recovered enough to make my way home to New Zealand, first disaster out of the way.

On my arrival back home I felt a lot better. The sun was shining, it was good to see the faces of friends and family again. I almost felt completely recovered, and started to lay out my plans for the big improvements to Joomlabear that I had dreamed up on my travels.

Traveling is such a great way to find inspiration. I don’t know if it’s some deep, spiritual enlightenment that the traveler finds, or just that a person has a lot of time to reflect on things when waiting for planes, trains and other automobiles. Probably the latter. Either way, I came back home with a lot of great ideas for this site.

Which leads me to the second disaster, one which you have probably anticipated after seeing the photo above. At 8.30am in the morning, on my way to the office, a car drove into the back of my motorcycle while I was stopped at an intersection with a ‘Give Way’ sign. I was stationary, but the car hit me at considerable speed, sending me flying forwards over the handlebars, and destroying my bike. My arm was busted, and some of my toes got a little crushed. I remember as I regained consciousness a policeman’s face leaning over me, and I screamed incredulously “He just drove into the back of me!” The policeman had a half smile on his face, “It’s the best place to get hit when you’re on a bike”, he said, “If you had been hit in the side you would have lost a leg”.

I guess it’s always good to look on the bright side. And while we’re focusing on the brighter side of a pretty bad situation, it was also by some sort of miracle that two vehicles behind the car that hit me was an ambulance. And would you believe, the driver who hit me happened to be a doctor, on his way to work… Life is strange sometimes.

Anyway, here I am folks, it’s taken months to recover, and I’m not sure that all my limbs will ever actually move quite as they did before. However, I am very grateful that I still have all my limbs, indeed I am grateful to still be alive.

And now I need to thank Markus, our chief support engineer here at Joomlabear. Markus is also known as German Bear on the forums. Without Markus it is highly probable that Joomla Bears would be almost extinct by now. Markus has held the fort for quite a long time, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

So what does the future hold? I’m pretty much back on my feet now, and am planning a complete overhaul of the site over the next month. There will be a new Joomla template every week if possible. There will be lots of free templates, and some premium ones as well. We are also going to be supporting WSPA with many upcoming projects.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon,

Big Bear


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  1. Hello BigBear and Community,

    at first I will say I’m very glad that you are back. 😀

    And sorry for the Users from for the not so good support in the last month.

    The Bears are all present now and we can rock in the future!!!! Joomla 1.6 is waiting for our templates 😉

    Regards and a nice future for all!!


  2. Hello Big Bear , just read about your mishaps. Sorry to hear of your accident. Glad you are healing ok and will be back soon ! Please take care , Sincerely Dave

  3. You never figured hibernating would be so painful 🙂
    Went on a holiday and you almost missed one version of Joomla

  4. Mate,

    Well done…glad to see you back…cheers///


  5. Haven’t visited this site in a while, so I didn’t know about your accident. Good to know you’re better, now.

    Police are the same the world over, aren’t they?

  6. i’m glad that your in good condition…… i like your design…goodluck……….. 🙂

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