How To Find The Best Available Domain Names

When you’re setting up a web site one of the hardest tasks is finding a good available domain name. So many domain names have already been registered that it can seem almost impossible at times to find one that is decent and still available!

I’ve been spent many, many hours of my life trying different domain name combinations and then checking to see if the domain is available, 99 times out of 100 it’s gone and the process is so time consuming.

Luckily there are some tools at hand to help you and I’ve compiled a list of the best tools to help you find really good available domain names. If you know of a good web tool that isn’t in the list then get in touch or leave a comment and we’ll add it.

Domain Exposer
This site is easy to use and will help you find an extensive selection of available domains. I think this is probably my favorite of all the tools to find available domain names listed here. This one just gives you so many unique and usable options and it’s so simple to use..

You begin by selecting a keyword that describes your website. Secondly, you select from their preselected list of groups such as nouns, adjectives, computer terms, financial terms and so many more. Once you generate the domains you can see in the list which domains are available.

Bust A Name
Bust A Name is a word combining site. By typing in words you are interested in, the site will automatically combine them to create possible domain names and show which ones are available. This site will also offer suggestions via the thesaurus so you can actually explore more combinations. You can also purchase the domain name via their site through popular registrars. A video tutorial is provided to show how to use all the features of this site and get the most out of all the features. I really like the way it uses ajax to update the list of available domain names as you enter new words.

Randomainer takes any word you enter and generates a huge list of semantic relations, and from these generates a nother huge list of made up words (not from the english language…) Finally giving you a list of Available Domain Names that are generally completely made up words but some look kinda neat… You really just have to try this one to see what I mean.

Make Words is an incredibly powerful tool but can get a bit confusing at times, and like Randomainer many of the results are made up words. Still there is vast opportunity here to find a good available domain name. Worth a look.

Name boy is also a word combining website. Start with two keywords and let the site search for combinations and availabilities. You can also search hyphenated words and words that rhyme.  I also like this site because it shows if the domains are available in real time.

I hope this list helps and if anyone knows of other sites useful for finding available domain names then let us know.


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  1. Hello,
    take look at this domain tools site! There is many fetures and GREAT domain suggestion tool

  2. vanja djuric, thanks for the link above. That was a big time saver mate.

  3. Thanks for the info – don’t forget to post about the Australian domain name industry – it’s really starting to take off… Thanks again

  4. Trying to find a nice domain name for my blog, let me try these tools. Thank you very much.

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