Bikini Pictures – A Joomla Template For The ‘Hot or Not’ Component

Bikini Pictures

Hi folks, This is a little template I put together towards the end of last year that is a little bit experimental – I was interested in the Joomla Hot or Not Component (only available for Joomla 1.0) and wanted to see what could be done with it. excuse the topic of the site but I really couldn’t help myself – so without ado I present to you…  Bikini Pictures

<cough> well that’s what a hot or not component is for right? </cough>

Anyway, I’m really just interested in what you think of the design and whether you think the floating cloud modules work, and ultimately if anyone would be interested in having this available for download? (I’d have to work it up a bit before it would be usable).

I don’t think it’s worth pursueing the hot or not component as it no longer appears to be in development (let me know if this changes). So I would be developing this to handle normal Joomla content and not hot or not pics and rating system, etc

What do you think?


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  1. Wow! that is one hot Joomla template – I’d buy that ;-)

  2. MMhhhhhm, i’d buy that template for a dollar.

  3. HOT or NOT ?
    that’s what i need ;)

  4. Very creative website, iam hot.

  5. Pretty Slick (and not just the pictures.) Free up the dimensions to accommodate wide screen monitors and let the clouds “float”. Has a lot of potential BigBear.

  6. Super cool :) love it :) If you can make one for me PLZ mail me.

  7. Hey your site looks a little bit strange in Firefox on computer with Ubuntu .

  8. Hi Maria,
    Do you mean the Bikini pictures template or the blog?

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