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Using the Web Developers Toolbar To Troubleshoot CSS – Video Tutorial

Very quick video today showing the basics of how to use the web developers tool bar to identify troublesome CSS issues. This one is for Mandy who left a comment asking how to identify problematic CSS when Joomla extensions are calling additional style sheets. The quick tip shown should help.

Web developers tool bar can be […]

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Using The Joomla Search Engine Friendly Patch (Video Guide)

Today’s video is again quiet long winded, I apologize in advance I’m still getting the hang of this… We cover the most important enhancements that the Joomla Search Engine Friendly Patch provides to help you improve your Joomla SEO (Also known as the SEF Patch for short). Links and some important notes below video.
You […]

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Joomulus 2 – Now Handles Greek Characters – Other Languages Coming Soon

Hello All,
Joomulus has been updated to include the Greek character set.
It took some thinking to solve the multilingual option but now that we have worked this out we can provide additional languages/character sets as required (and time permits).
If you have a specific language or character set you want included in Joomulus then leave a comment […]

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New NinjaKiwi Site About To Go Live

I’ve just finished a complete recode of one of my biggest client projects last year – NinjaKiwi.
This games site receives well over 100,000 visitors per day. It is the highest traffic site I have built with Joomla.
You can see a preview of the rebuild here play ninja kiwi’s free online games here. If you notice […]

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Joomla Powered SlideShowPro Site Showcasing Film Locations

I’m extremely proud to showcase a new site I’ve just finished for FilmScouts NZ showcasing their film locations.

The Joomla Template is based on the BlackBear/PolarBear template framework and the gallery is powered by SlideShowPro/Director. An Awesome combination.
I have a couple of minor tweaks to do styling up the language selector buttons and setting up Japanese […]

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