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Update: The network described below has passed to new owners and resides at another URL – however the founder, whom I have a lot of respect for, is currently working on another interesting project that allows users to post articles.

This is a quick update on my progress with ConnectContent and the increase in web traffic, and earnings,  I’ve achieved in only one week.   For those who haven’t read my introduction to Connect Content you could take a look now.

In brief, Connect Content provides a unique way to exchange links with a large pool of users. Links are one way and are not exchanged directly. There is a large pool of people inter-linking and links are not reciprocal.

In the traditional reciprocal link analogy User A would link to User B and User B back to User A.

Using Connect Content User A might link to User Y, User Y  to User E, User E links to User Z, and so on.

Additionally there is a rule that links must be within a post of approx 150 words or greater. This is great because search engines tend to give much more weight to links within content, as opposed to a blogroll list or those sites that have 20 links in the footer.

Connect Content is all about connecting people with content to other users with relevant content, just as the name suggests! Because of this the process is fairly white hat, meaning you are unlikely to get penalized by the search engines for taking part.

Finally the Connect Content network costs just$12 per month to join, The fee has been put in place only to deter spammers and general rif raf. Other networks that enable users to get one way links cost in the region of $150 per month. Connect content is costs a negiligable amount of money.

So on to the good stuff, my increase in web traffic in only one week! And a general report on the links I have been given back to sites in my portfolio.

I’ll start by letting you know I have more than 10 sites that I run. Connect Content definitly represents the best value to web masters with a strong portfolio of sites – however even a user with 2-3 emerging sites can still benefit greatly.

So in just one week I have received 8 links in total to 6 of my sites.  2 sites have 2 backlinks each. And the links are great! People with sites on similar or complimentary topics have taken the time to write succinct posts on my topics and publish them on their own sites.

In return I have reviewed 9 sites in the Connect Content network and linked back to them. It’s kept me quite busy :-) but it’s been fun and there has been a real reward.

On one of my 6 sites that received high quality links back I experienced a 50% increase in traffic and a 300% increase in adsense revenue.

On a second site that is only one week old I have received just one link back so far from the Connect Content community but I have managed to get the site listed in Google and am receiving 5-15 visitors per day from the search engine. Let me expand on that, I registered the domain name for this site only 9 days ago, had a blog up with around 5 articles, 3000 words of content in total and I have this site listed on google and recieving visitors within only a week on the network.

The above two examples illustrate the power of backlinks.

Some of the other links back to my sites may take some time to get picked up by Google as the mighty G tends to index sites more or less often depending on number of factors, primarily how important it thinks the site is (how many people link to you) and also how often the content is updated, or how ‘fresh’ your content is. In my experience a site liek our gets indexed every 1-2 days by Google. Mainly because we have over 800 links back from people who use our templates (thank you to all the people who link back to us – we really appreciate it). We also update content on the site as regularly as possible – and if we are not writing content there is always activity in the forum and on the blog.

Anyway – if you are a webmaster with a few sites you want to push and you don’t mind writing some content and linking to other relevant sites then give Connect Content a go.

I honestly believe you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. (You need a subscribe to comments option on this blog…)

    Now I’ve been thinking of signing up with content connect for a while now and my only “concern” is that I’ll have to produce all that content in order to link back to other sites. The reason I’m saying this is that I’ve also been looking at and which both offers “automated” solutions.

    The thing I like about the content connect is that (if I can find relevant niche sites within the group) it is a lot easier than chasing sites through Google asking them to do article swaps.

    So I might give it a go since I’m writing the articles anyway (well most are written by ghostwriters anyway) :)


    • I think you can subscribe top right – but yes it’s not the most obvious… I want to improve so many things on this blog… if only there were more hours in the day ;-)

      It’s true that connect content does occupy a bit of my time and I do spend a lot of time writing articles – but it seems to be working out well for me – the sites I add articles to are receiving more traffic from Google, as are the sites I’m getting links for.

      I’ll definitely take a look at 3way and neuro. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Yes I know I can subscribe to the actual posts but you’ll need something like this plugin: to do the trick with the comments.

    It’s simple really and you’ll be able to boost your visitor count as people will come back to see who commented on a thread that they commented on as well. ;)

    Its great that you share what you’re getting out of the CC as impartial case studies are always better that the ones in the sales letters :)

    • Thanks Mikael – does the link at top right of page not subscribe you to “comments” specifically?

      I have: Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email

      The comment subscription seems to work for me but it is far from obvious – also I had a quick look at that plugin you mentioned and it looks great – the subscribe option will be added next to the comment field so it is far more obvious. I’ve just installed it.

      Thx again.

  3. Mikael that’s great – I’ve just tested the subscribe to comments plugin and I see your point – subscribing to the comments top right is for all comments for the site, but this is post specific and much more useful.

    Great tip!

  4. i am also contemplating about joining CC, however i am not sure if they accept squidoo or blogger sites. Most of my sites are in this sites. And what if you dont find any relevant sites similar to my sites?



    • Geoff,

      CC definitely accepts blogger sites. Relevancy probably won’t be an issue and if for some reason it is then you can leave after the first month – only having paid $12. Additionally if you do leave dissatisfied (I highly doubt it) email me and I’ll personally sort you out a link or two to make up for it.

      I strongly recommend you setup a number of sites over time and target different niches as well as your current portfolio, you may be pleasantly surprised at some of the things you discover. I personally am working recipes, apple products and quitting smoking, among other things.

      Also there is nothing wrong with blogger sites -nothing at all. The only disadvantage is you can’t sell the site if it gets really big, and you can be somewhat limited in terms of design – though if you follow Grizz’s method you won’t be concerned by that.

  5. This sounds link a kind of a link farm or 3WayLinks. I would have loved to sign up but my fear is how will google look at this?

    • Hi Domains,
      It is not really a link farm as such but rather a network that connects people with specific content to other people with relevant content. Publishers to publishers.
      In my opinion Google would not frown on this at best, and at worst G would find it almost impossible to trace or penalize a person for using this system.
      One thing about the network is that every link given or received actually involves the respective site owners creating unique posts on their topic. There is work involved at both ends, which is a strength of the system, links are not garnered at a ridiculous pace and the links also end up being high quality.

  6. For $12 a month, I think that is a steal! I’m more than happy to pay for that if my links get put into quality sites with great contents. I wouldn’t want my site link inside adult or gambling contents. It can’t hurt to see an increase in traffic within one week.

    • Kai Lo,
      I’ve been having really good results and can’t speak highly enough of the network. There are no adult blogs or what we would consider bad neighborhood sites.
      Email me if you want more detail on my results, stuff I can’t share directly here.

  7. Thanks for the information. I am always looking for new ideas especial for my website.

  8. Can anyone use this if they have something like 30 sites?

    • Yes – 30 sites would be a great number to use on Connect content. I’m running about 10 but I’m focusing my incoming links on just a few sites – the ones I want to push heavily at present.

  9. A friend of mine mentioned connectcontent a few weeks ago and i didn’t think too much more about it. Having read your review though I really can’t see any reason not to give it a shot, it sounds awesome. Don’t know about everyone else but for me getting backlinks is the most diffult and tiresome part of trying to make money online.


  10. Connect Content has been an absolute godsend for me. For me personally building the websites is the easy part – linkbuilding is the hard part and CC makes it a lot easier. A LOT EASIER.

  11. Yeah, I hear you. i feel like i’ll never be able to compete in the SERPs without a helping hand, CC could to be exactly what I’m looking for.

  12. Yeah, thanks. I only found Grizzy’s websites a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been blown away by the quality of the content that he gives out for free.

    I’ve spent so much time on the warrior forum being bombarded by spammy posts that I didn’t think it was possible to find this information online.

    I’m still slowly working my way through all his posts but hopefully by the time i finish i’ll have some idea about what I’m doing :)

  13. Kewl – make sure you read the other blog too –

    I took Griz’s advice quite literally, made a cup of coffee and sat down for about, um… 2 days, lol. Read everything from the beginning. It’s worth it.

    Griz is a very talented man. Not just with Internet Marketing and driving traffic, also his written communication skills are just awe inspiring.

  14. Also Connect Content – It’s not some money making scam – It’s basically been set up by someone in the Griz community, for the benefit of everyone in the community.

    I feel bad at times, the amount of work that RT must have put into building the thing and he’s not making mega bucks – the fee is more than fair for what RT does behind the scenes answering questions from the uninitiated and adding features. CC is the best investment I have made in building my adsense empire. period.

  15. Thanks for your time bigbear,

    i had an email coversation with RT, think i’m goin to give content connect a try.


  16. Cool – I do think it pays to have a number of sites you are working while using the network, at least to maximize your return. I’m currently building sites on 4-5 different niche topics – they are not all profitable (yet) but it gives me the flexibility to link out to certain site types and then I’ve gone and restricted my link requests down to the ones I REALLY want to push in the SERPS. You’ll get what I mean once you’re in there.

  17. I’d like to add a comment about ConnectContent. It’s a great way to get links and very easy to use. I’ve only been a member for a week so I can’t comment on results but I’ve got a lot of good quality links so far. RT is on the ball and keeps a good eye on it. I added a link yesterday that was malformed and he emailed me a couple of hours later to inform me.

    Kai Lo don’t worry about any dodgy sites, RT will weed them out!

    • Fantastic Janet! I’m glad you are finding it useful, and RT is a top fellow.

      The network has really helped me a lot, it’s hard trying to convince people they should give it a shot when you can’t give examples of sites and stats – but anyone reading this GIVE IT A GO! trust me it’s worth it and you’ll only be out of pocket $12 if it doesn’t work for you. But it will.

  18. I followed from Griz on Google and then to the suggestion of connectcontent. Sounds like a good link to link site however only one person mention an increase in earning up to “300% and another mentioned managing 30 sites which would be a factor in earnings. Have to do more research before joining connect content. Like the Squidoo commenter, I am part of Hubpages which may not accept connect content unless I use individual URLs. Wordtracker seems to be a good bet on keywords but the monthly lowest cost is$28.00. I work too hard with laboring over articles to pay much on overhead, however low the cost.

    • I don’t bother with wordtracker – The Google keyword tool provides enough information to keep you going for free:

      Regrading Connect Content – To get the most out of it you need to be actively participating – that means creating new content items and linking to people as often as you can. To do this successfully you’ll want to have at least one, but preferably a number of sites you can create articles on to link out to others. In return you will receive links to your URL’s – hub pages are fine.

      I would not listen to the %300 earnings claims, etc – It’s not really the point, pushing a site up through the search engines to page one, and eventually #1 is a long and tiring process – the only way to get there is to get links back to your site. The rewards of getting there are great – one of my little success stories nets me $10-30 USD a day – It sits at #1 on G and it took me 8 months to get there and around 50 backlinks.

      You have to be prepared to put in the time and do the work to get there, and there are other factors – you need to feel reasonably confident your targeted keywords will net you some trafiic. This is why Griz sets up many baby sites on blogger on different topics to test and get a feel for what traffic is available. When you find your vein of gold then you need to grow it as above.

  19. Can anyone please let me know where to purchase ConnectContent from?

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