Should JoomlaBear Convert iPad Accessories WordPress Theme to a Joomla Template? Have Your Say!

iPad Accessories

I helped a friend out last week with a few tweaks to a GPL licensed WordPress theme, her site is all about iPad accessories and you can check it out at that link or by clicking the screen shot.

I got to thinking while we were tweaking a couple of layout elements that this WordPress theme would probably be very well received by the Joomla community. Because the theme has been released under the GPL license it means we have the authors permission to modify and extend upon the existing work and redistribute it as a Joomla template. Of course we would give plentiful and due credit for the creators great work πŸ™‚

Anyway, before I begin work on porting this themeΒ  I would like to see a show of hands from people interested in having this available as a free Joomla template in our collection.Β  Because we can’t see your hands eagerly flying up over the interweb (not without a web cam anyway) I’m going to ask for a round of comments instead.

When the comments reach 20 we will begin work. From there it should just be a couple of days work.

What do you say?


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  1. yes but in a unique joomlabear way…

  2. Well why not!
    You could even do a few different versions just by using different background images. I think it would be a sweet addition to your current arsenal of Joomla templates. You could call it iBear.

  3. ITS SPRING. Nice sunrise shot! Been doing a lot of @media handheld {} and .mobi lately. Hope all is well down there.

  4. nice ipad ideas here!

  5. I just started using Joomla and am having trouble finding good template galleries. Any suggestions?

  6. I’d like to throw one vote into the yes column. It looks like a template you could work with , maybe add a few more module positions ???

  7. Well, you already know my vote: Absolutely yes! πŸ™‚

  8. Yep πŸ™‚

  9. Waiting patiently for the iPad

  10. I think a Joomlabear Ipad Accessory template template would be pretty cool.

  11. Great template mate, well done

  12. Definitely. You have my vote!

  13. I sure would be interested in this temp.

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