Moving To A Creative Commons/Commercial License

We’re in the process of making quite a few changes here at JoomlaBear.

Mainly these fall into the following areas:

Our free templates are changing to a Creative Commons License which essentially means you can still do what you like with the template short of selling them, or redistributing and pretending that you made them yourself.

We’ve done this because, shockingly, that is exactly what happened – A rather large template download site has published a number of our free templates, put there own logo into the code and even written about how much work it was to produce… It’s a little disturbing.

The other condition of using our free templates is that you must leave the footer logo in the template. If you want to remove it you can buy a copy from our store without the logo, or just contact us and we can sort something out specific to your requirements. We’re good people and the goal of these changes is not to make us stinking rich but to at least cover the cost of hosting and perhaps a little coffee money. If more money comes in we will produce templates for you at a faster rate and the amount of time we can spend in the forums helping you make great sites will also increase.

At present we do NOT cover even the hosting costs of this site with donations. We spend a lot of timeĀ  here helping people in the forums and producing free stuff for the community.

In spite of all that we still subsidise the essential costs of keeping the site up. All while some of the commercial template shops rake in more than $1,000,000 USD per year.

If you want to support us you can purchase PolarBearPro Chromatic Edition from our store for the low, low cost of $10 (at this price for 1 week only). This is based on PolarBearPro but has some additional features – It allows you to:

  1. Select from 9 Highlight Colors for the front end display via a Template Parameter
  2. Optionally publish a color chooser on the front end and allow your users to choose their own color scheme – see the demo.
  3. Turn off the footer link to JoomlaBear via a Template Parameter

See it in action here.

Going forward we intend to work with this business model a lot more as we feel it is more sustainable and should hopefully generate at least enough to keep things running while still providing quality free stuff to our users. Those who want the additional features can pay a small fee. Donations just don’t work.

If you are one of the saintly poeple who did make a donation to us in the past year please drop us an email to info[at] and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of our feature rich template.


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  1. I’m happy to see you move to this business model. I’ve always believed that JoomlaBear has put out some great stuff and it’s important to get compensation for the work.

    Good luck and I hope that this change provides some compensation for your efforts.

  2. Good to see you here Graydon and thanks so much for your longstanding support. Without the encouragement of people such as yourself we wouldn’t have made it this far.

    Apologies for the delayed response, I was so looking forward to diving into the blog and then we hit major Virtuemart/PayPal issues day before yesterday and got sidetracked.

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