Easter News – April Joomlabear Newsletter – Web Edition

Happy Easter everyone, from all the team at JoomlaBear.

We have a few Easter eggs for you, and plenty of stuff to talk about, Joomulus, Joomla template updates, new team members, and some really cool things that are almost ready to go live.

This newsletter has grown to over 30,000 subscribers, and Joomulus has just hit 22,254 downloads at the time of this writing.

We are honored that you are here with us.

New Team Members

New Team MembersWe”ll start with the two most important things (because people matter most). Our two newest team members; German Bear and Little Bear. Little Bear actually joined us last year, but took a leave of absence for the first quarter of 2010, We are very happy to have her back. German Bear has been a great friend to all Joomlabears, helping out quietly in the forums with template tweaks since day one. In the past couple of weeks we formalized the arrangement and are now extremely excited to have German Bear on the team permanently. You will find both these friendly template pros in the forums, eager to give you a helping paw.


Joomulus UpdatedJoomulus has been updated, this is a security patch and all users are advised to upgrade. The more exciting news is that we have a K2 Joomulus prototype already developed and in use on a client site. This is driven by the K2 tagging system as opposed to manually entering tags. We will be releasing this in the coming weeks after a little more testing. We have also been hard at work on an enhanced solution to provide better support for other languages and character sets. This is also extremely close and you can read more about both these upcoming releases, the security patch and get your download link here.

BlackBearPro and PolarBearPro have been RELOADEDTemplate Updates

Two of our most popular templates have been given an overhaul and had a number of new features added:

  1. You can now add your copyright notice easily via a template parameter
  2. A footer menu for those little links that you need but don’t necessarily want to show in prime position
  3. The color chooser has been relocated into the navigation bar
  4. Better logo support, the logo is now clickable and directs users back to the home page.
  5. Quickstart JPA – get started quickly by installing the Akeeba Backup powered quickstart installer. Have your own site up in minutes that matches our demo site layout exactly. Great for those who want to build quickly, or learn hands on by looking at how Joomla site is setup via the admin area.

Find more information on our Joomla templates page.

Members Showcase

Showcase of Members Templates

We invite you to browse the members showcase and have a look at some of the great sites put together by our users. Please email us if you would like your Joomlabear site to be considered for the showcase page.

20% Off Easter Sale

Easter SaleThat’s right folks, We are offering 20% of any 3 month, 6 month or 12 month membership for this Easter weekend only – get access to our stylish templates and pro support team for as little as $37.60 for 3 months.

Checkout the specials here.

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