How to Edit SEF URL’s in Joomla

This is a quick video showing how to customize your Joomla SEF URL’s (search engine friendly URL’s) using the Alias field in your Joomla article manager. It’s a really simple tip and at the end of the video I quickly explain how to activate your SEF URL’s if you have not done this already. I demonstrate the principal on our new healthy recipes site, And the design of this site will soon be released as a template here on Joomla Bear.
For people who are short on time I have included a quick summary below the video. And if you find the info useful you should subscribe to my feed as I make Joomla videos regularly.

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In the Alias field for your Article enter the URL you would like to use, as seen below.

Joomla Article Alias SEF URL

In the example screenshot above the URL will result in:


The result depends on how you configure your SEF URLĀ  setup in Joomla’s Global Configuration, and whether or not you use a 3rd part SEF extension like sh404SEF.

The built in Joomla SEF is fine as slong as you are not incredibly fussy about URL structure. It will insert the numbering into the URL.

On the healthy recipe website demo linked to above I have set my Global Configuration for SEF so it looks like this:

SEF Global Config - Joomla

To use the Apache mod_rewrite option you will need to be running on a linux based host and you will also need to FTP into your Joomla siteĀ  root directory, and rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess if you have not done this already.

A final tip is that this also applies to Section and Category URL’s – you can edit the Alias field for each to customize.


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  1. It seems that you have no probolem with the alias change, seems to work the second you change it! Mine dont :( Ive tried to change my alias from: parterapi to parterapi-randers .. But Joomla Simply would not accept it! It still shows only parterapi..

  2. I have the same problem, just like Daniel Due I’ve changed the alias but the URL remains the old alias…
    Some suggestion?

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