A Free Joomla Template For Halloween

Halloween Joomla_template

Update The Halloween Joomla Template is now available for download. You can also check out my post on the making of the Joomla Template for Halloween which lists various resources that were used.

Ok, ok, I know we’re a little late to the party on this one as Halloween is just around the corner – but we have a brand, spanking new Halloween Joomla Template for you, and it’s just hours away. I have a little bit more testing to do and I need to check the XML and make sure all the required  files are referenced correctly. Then we’ll put it up for you all.

I know it would have been more useful to many of you earlier in the piece, but I thought I’d put it up  anyway as I’m quite proud of the design, and it may be useful to people who want to run some kind of last minute Halloween promotion – or maybe give your Joomla site a face-lift just for Halloween day!

You can preview and marvel at this little beauty, if you are in the mood you could even buy yourself a nice Halloween costume and have it delivered! Just click the link.

Now this is a free Halloween template for Joomla – so support will be limited. I will also be asking people not to redistribute this template under any circumstances.

Stay tuned for the release!

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