Halloween Joomla Template – The Making Of

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Our Free Halloween Joomla Template is live and the official template page can be found at the previous link. There you will find links to download, source files, documentation of module positions, etc.

The demo site was designed around the idea of a simple Halloween costumes store. I didn’t really get time to flesh out the store with sample products so I hope you will just appreciate the overall aesthetic of the design :) and then put it to good use in your own projects.

Below is an image of my finished artwork in Adobe Fireworks – everything is on layers so elements can be switched out, edited, etc.


An example of how useful this can be is a quick hue/saturation filter I applied to the background layer, which gives us a really nice alternative effect:


The source files for this project are available to premium Joomlabear members in our downloads area.

Halloween moon transparentI wanted to talk briefly about how I created the artwork and give credit where credit is due.

I’m very proud of the moon – this was created by cutting out an actual photo of a moon and then sitting it over the top of an orange gradient – I then changed the blend mode to Freeze to give a very orange Halloween look.

halloween-logoThe font which I used for the logo, and which looks like dripping blood, or something right out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is called Creepsville. It’s free for any use so you can grab this and make your own logos, etc.

The background was created using Photoshop, I took an image that  had a large amount of the night blue color in the template, and ran a Gaussian blur over it. I then used a number of excellent free photoshop cloud brushes from Qbrushes, and set them to black – overlaying these over my blue background.

The various Halloween icons, such as the Jack-O-Lantern, spider, cat, crow, bats and witch (you did spot the witch didn’t you?) were taken from an excellent Halloween Photoshop brush set from Obsidian Dawn. Love your work guys.

Hope you all enjoy the template! Leave a comment and let me know if you found this useful, and what projects you are using the template on.


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  1. great template ! nice way to keep in the spirit of the season . Thanks for explaining how the template was created, very interesting.

  2. Its looks really nice. Great job.

  3. This Halloween template looks excellent. I like reading your site, because I learn new things every day. You’re right, working on layers allows applying effects to various elements easier than if everything would be on the same layer.

  4. Violeta, HobbleHill, Nehem – Thank you.

  5. Yeah, agree with all of you; the season spirit is represented by your template. Great work

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