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Update September 2009 – The network described below has been aquired by another organization, teh founder has begun work on another project involving posting articles. I encourage you to check it out.

Updated: I posted a quick update to this with my progress after only one week with Connect Content. I will post shortly on my progress after one month because the results have surpassed my expectations.

To my small group of dedicated readers :) I want to encourage you to consider a new way to increase web traffic to your site.

It’s called ConnectContent and it’s a site that networks you anonymously with other site owners who want to get one way backlinks. Rather than exchange links directly there is such a large pool of people in the ConnectContent network that one user can link to another persons site and yet another user can link back to the first persons site. I recently joined up and in just a few days have seen some direct improvement.

ConnectContent has been setup by RT Cunningham, a fine upstanding gentleman who also runs Untwisted Vortex.

If you want more detail then please read on, but before you do I want you to know ConnectContent is a subscription service that costs $12 USD per month. I think this is absolutely peanuts for what you get back. However, I don’t want to kid you into reading a long post if this cost is completely prohibitive. Additionally to get the most out of the service and maximise the increase in web traffic you will want to have at least one decent site running already, and the more the better.

For many of you reading this you have probably come to JoomlaBear to get a Joomla Template and are either thinking of setting up a web site with Joomla or already have one or two sites running on Joomla already.

What you may not have considered is how you are going to drive traffic to your site? Where will those precious visitors come from?

The answer to that question is almost always links, links and more links. You need people to link to you for two reasons:

  1. It will bring more traffic simply through people clicking on those links.
  2. Secondly, and of far more importance, it lets the search engines know that your site has the backing of it’s peers and this in turn causes the search engines to rank your site higher for its subject area, the keywords found in your web pages. The higher you rank the more traffic will come to you from the search engines.

Now if this is all quite new to you then read on as the information below is really a primer on some search engine optimization basics and how to get the most out of your links.

Links are great whenever you can get them but what really helps, I mean really really helps, is having links with anchor text that contains keywords relevant to the topic of your site.

I’ll give you an example and I’ll use the new site I want to plug here called ConnectContent. You can see I’ve just linked the site name so “ConnectContent” becomes the anchor text.

But if I wanted to help out the site a little more I would want to use different anchor text in my link because this will tell the search engines what I think the site is about and help it to rank higher for the keywords in my anchor text.

Now when I think about what ConnectContent is about I can sum it up by saying it’s a really good way to Increase Web Traffic.

There you go! I’ve now given the search engines some food – I’m still linking to but now my link above has some valuable information for the search engines to digest!

From my anchor text they can see that I think ConnectContent has some relevance to “Increase Web Traffic”.

Now if ConnectContent can get enough links with good anchor text, i.e. containing keywords related to increasing website traffic, and other similar related keyword phrases, then the search engines will start to rank ConnectContent very highly when people search for these terms.

So what is ConnectContent all about? well quite literally it connects people who would like to get links back to their site in return for giving a few links to other people. This does not mean just exchanging links, or reciprocal linking. But rather the system lets you submit the pages you would like linked to, along with your desired anchor text and then other users can pick these up and will give you links back.

In return you need to link to other peoples sites. Quite simply the more links you give the more you will get back. The system is fairly anonymous and no names are mentioned. Your sites will be shown in a list of sites wanting backlinks.

In the online world it’s all about how much traffic you can drive to your site. And although content is king in many peoples minds sometimes it isn’t quite enough to kick start your web presence and leverage your site into a profitable state.

If you want to increase web traffic and are willing to do a bit of work for it then I recommend ConnectContent.

Remember, before you sign up you should have a number of sites going and you should be aware of what keywords you are chasing. You also need to have sites/blogs you are prepared to use to post linksĀ  to other people in the ConnectContent network. If you don’t have these pre-requsites then it may not be the right choice for you. However the more sites you run, or a prepared to setup, the more you will get out of the network.

If you are still scratching your head and wondering what all this is about then I recommend reading up on Grizz’s Make Money Online blog as he has a ton of useful information on getting your site traffic and making it profitable.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment.

Finally this is the release statement from RT himself as published on Grizz’s blog


R.T. Cunningham –

As Griz has mentioned many times on both of his make money online blogs, there are multiple ways to build backlinks. I don’t want to spend any time rehashing what works because I want to emphasize a different and possibly better approach to building backlinks. Before I do that, however, I want to quickly mention what doesn’t work very well.

Comment Chasing

A whole lot of people spend a whole lot of time commenting on “do follow” blogs in their efforts to build backlinks. There are several problems with this tactic. If the blog owner doesn’t delete your keyword anchored in the name field, chances are that your keyword still won’t be related to the topic at hand. While experts may tell you that any backlink is better than no backlink, backlinks that have little relevance don’t do much — they don’t carry any link authority.

Reciprocal Link Exchanges

Besides carrying far less weight than one-way links, reciprocal link exchanges between relevant blogs takes up a lot of time. In my opinion, that time is far better spent on working out one-way link exchanges. One-way link exchanges are actually the same thing as reciprocal links, but without being directly linked. Party A links to one of party B’s posts and party B links to one of party A’s posts but from a different post.

The hardest part about link exchanges of any kind is getting the links with the right, targeted anchor terms. Anchor terms that point to blog post titles, blog titles, blog author names, etc. are just about worthless most of the time.

The White Hat Google Game

If you read what Google has to say about link exchanges, you have to write content that naturally compels readers to link to the source to be completely safe. It’s a nice thought, but it doesn’t work in the real world unless you’re a socially popular blogger.

That kind of thing defeats the purpose of targeting search visitors in the first place and doesn’t make any money for you or for Google. In my personal opinion, it’s a smokescreen for what they really want you to do and I’ll leave it at that.

What Always Works

Linking from within a post to another post on another blog with targeted, relevant anchor terms will always carry the greatest amount of link authority. You can get very few links of this kind and literally watch an optimized post rise to page 1 of the Google SERPS if it doesn’t have too much competition. If you get a lot of links of this kind, you’ll destroy the competition.

This is where ConnectContent comes into the picture. It’s all about embedding relevant anchor terms into older posts or creating new posts around relevant anchor terms. The procedure is so simple, it’s almost ridiculous. You list your desired anchor terms and where you want them to point to and other people grab that information and put it to work. The site takes care of the tracking part of it.

It isn’t free ($12.00/month or $120.00/year) even though I think it should be. The problem with providing a powerful tool like this for free is that the scammers and spammers would come out of the woodwork to take advantage of it while everyone else would get left behind. Not only that, but I think the generous 50% commission could really be another asset for anyone able to drive the affiliate sales.

Would you get penalized by Google?

Since I announced the public launch of ConnectContent, the most frequently asked question has been “Does it leave a footprint that Google can detect?” The short answer is “No, not if you do it the way you’re supposed to do it.”

Ever since people were slapped by Google for doing sponsored posts (paid links), something I call “Google Paranoia” has set in. Everyone seems to be worried about getting penalized by Google for one thing or another. I think the biggest problem is that people refuse to read, or they don’t understand, the Google webmaster guidelines concerning – Webmaster Help Center” link schemes.

Google talks about excessive link exchanges, both reciprocal and otherwise. In other places, Google talks about relevance. The Google search engine algorithms are all designed around relevance because that’s where they make their money — by showing AdSense targeted to specific content. Their automated spam detection techniques are also based around relevance. Their algorithms, other than checking for duplicate content, are very good.

ConnectContent is a link exchange in the loosest meaning of the phrase, and not much more than the web as a whole. The entire purpose of the network is to list what you want as anchor terms as opposed to people guessing what you want. There is no guarantee that your requested terms will ever get linked to and that’s what sets it apart from other networks and it’s why I think it wouldn’t matter to Google even if they knew what links were being generated and where.

Despite my beliefs, I don’t want to make it easy for anyone (not necessarily Google) to see what’s going on. No real names are ever used and nothing is publicly displayed outside of the network. I’m more concerned with malicious individuals (your competitors) than I am with Google. The gist of all this is that producing logical and relevant backlinks should never incur the wrath of Google.


Thanks RT.



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  1. Interesting, I didn’t know about link exchanges with Connect Content. Looks like they have an affiliate program, too. Have you tried the fee link exchange site Looking for feedback on this link exchange service.

  2. Hi Penny,

    Firstly love the Gravatar :)

    I can’t speak highly enough of ConnectContent – RT Cunningham who runs it is absolutely fabulous. He’s constantly making small tweaks to the system and improving it. The results have been amazing for me and I’m about to blog about the growth that I’ve seen on a couple of sites in only 1 month of networking. And yes there is an affiliate program – you’ve touched on something interesting there – When Griz first helped launch Connectcontent a month or so back on his blog, he did not include an affiliate link and stated as much – I canvased RT on this before I wrote the above and said I was more than willing to forgo the affiliate link as well because:

    a) I want to help him get past the first milestone and make enough money to maintain and run the network.
    b) It’s important we get as many people involved as possible – with 1000+ users there would be so much diversity in site topic I believe we would have every niche covered.

    However RT assured me I should use my affiliate link, and deserved any resulting commission. In retrospect I agree as I’ve realized promoting CC has taken up some time and I want to pour a whole lot more in this week writing up some guides for people to get the most out of it. A month of using CC has left me with some very good insights into the process.

    If you join ConnectContent and are dissatisfied in the first month, for any reason, I will personally refund your money ;-) That offer only goes for you at this stage Penny, but anyone else wondering about the network and feeling apprehensive is welcome to email me with questions.

    Finally lavalinx looks very interesting and I’m off to have a bit of a dig around now. Will get back to you on my first impressions.

  3. Great to see that you’ve added the “comments plugin” :)

    I have a question about that “Vortex” site that RT has. What is it all about? It looks like a large pile of whatever :)

    • ;-) I really like RT’s site – It is definitely a little bit unusual… RT writes about more topics than I can possibly keep track of! But a general theme that keeps coming back is living in the Philippines. I think RT has a grand master plan that few people can see…

      I’ve been chatting a lot with RT by email of late, about ConnectContent and other things, and I have to say I really rate him. He’s doing a grand job on the network and I hate to think how much work he’s created for himself because he’s been tweaking and adding features like crazy. It’s RT’s energy that really makes it hum.

  4. I’m convinced that I have to look a little closer at what he is doing and CC ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing. This one is worth checking and re-reading as this can guide us in boosting the site traffic for the websites. Keep on posting related contents.

  6. Is there a way to become a content writer for the site?

    • At this stage I want to keep the content focused on Joomla so if you can write on this topic by all means let me know. I’ll be starting another site shortly focusing more on niche marketing.

  7. I think i’ll have to go take a look at connect content

  8. Hello. Sound good. It is something like 3 way – building links? A-> B , B-> C, C-> A?

  9. Connectcontent sounds like a great plan for SEO. Thanks for sharing this info.

    • Hi Maggie,
      Connect Content is great – as I tell everyone it does require work giving links to also receive links… I have not had enough time in the past month to push my SEO further with CC unfortunately but I’m really looking forward to getting back into it.

  10. I am really new to this and like your posts about traffic. Thanks.

    • Glad to be of assistance Redmon.

      BTW: I didn’t like your spammy link so I have redirected it to a much more deserving website that will actually help people.

      To any other spammers – don’t even bother.

  11. I will consider to use one of it for our new site. Thanks.

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