JoomalBear Newsletter November 26th – Web Based Version

This newsletter in brief:

Artificial Christmas Trees-smallA FREE Christmas Joomla Template – Animated Falling Snow!
TransBear updated – New dropdown menu and transparency fix
Welcome to Little Bear who is doing an awesome job in the forums
Premium Member Badges
A new service we are offering – SlideshowPro+Director  and Joomla Installation


Free Christmas Joomla Template – Our Christmas gift to you.

We’re very proud of this little number – a lovely animated snow effect for your Christmas website promotions.

Check the demo:

Read about it on the blog:



trans-bear-smallTransBear Updated

The template now features built in Son of SuckerFish dropdown menus, and we have integrated Drew McLellan’s Transparency Fix for IE6. Note you must add a module class suffix of _sf to the menu you publish in postion Top-Nav – this activates the CSS that drives the dropdown menus.

It’s a very good read that covers everything you need to know about making your own Joomla 1.5 Template from scratch, and should suit people of all skill levels.

Read about the updates here:

If you are a previous Premium Member of Joomlabear and wish to upgrade your TransBear just drop us an email and we’ll sort you out.


Welcome Little Bear

Supporting people who use our templates is a big task – and it was getting too much for BigBear alone – BigBear also had the flu, and when natural disaster like this strikes it’s even harder to keep up. So we brought in an old friend to help out and she has been doing a fabulous job helping people out in the forums. Welcome Little Bear! If you have a burning question – or something that was missed while BigBear was sick then please post again.


Premium Member Badges

We’ve made some changes and Premium Members now have a special badge that displays beside their profile – as seen here:

Forum administrators are also notified of Premimum Members posts immediately.


A new service we are offering installing SlideshowPro and Director

We have built quite a few sites in recent months with Joomla and SlideShowPro/Director. The results have been really good and our clients have been exceedingly happy.

One example that showcases Video with SlideShowPro is

Another excellent example is – a site that recently received a raft of traffic from stumbleupon – over 35,000 visits last month. We like to think it had somethign to do with the JoomlaBear designed template and Slideshow installation.

We have also added a SlideShowPro installation to as a demo.

Having the power of Joomla’s content management combined with SlideShowPro’s image gallery management provides a solution we think is hard to beat.

If you are needing a gallery/CMS solution for your next project we invite you to make use of a very limited offer we are trialing – We will setup your Joomla and SlideShowPro Director website for a one time fee of $347 – this does not include content – but includes the Joomla installation, essential extensions for SEO and advanced WYSIWYG editror, SlideshowPro and Director installed, Your logo/branding placed, A template from our collection and 6 months of downloads and forum support from JoomlaBear.

We are limiting this to 10 setups initially so if you think this is for your next site you need to get in quick!


Lastly, If you’ve created a website you’re proud of with a JoomlaBear template then send us an email and let us know, we’ll get you up on the wall of fame! If you’ve emailed us before and we have not put you up yet then please send us a reminder! We currently receive over 100 emails per day on a variety of topics, and it’s tricky keeping track of them all sometimes…

Kind regards,

Big Bear

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  1. Winter update templates for websites and other programs and projects, is something that we have already searched and waited. Thanks for the updates and changes, they are very useful to us.

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