Joomla Bears Are Tweeting Like Birds

You can catch me on Twitter now…

I have resisted for a long time, and to be honest I’m still not sure about this whole tweeting thing… I mean really, shouldn’t we just go and visit a friend in the real world? have a cup of coffee and a yarn and tell our friends to their faces “what we are doing now?”

As if I have any more time left in the day, what with overwhelming numbers of emails filling up my inbox, clients calling day and night, and now I must tweet as well!

Still, I have noticed that Twitter does seem to be connecting groups of Joomla developers, and friends of mine who move in internet marketing circles. And perhaps there will be benefits to all of this.


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  1. What, you don’t care that I woke up at 8 this morning and … HAD COFFEE. Or that I think it’s a nice day!

    I love it when I get 35 follow requests in an hour and most of them are people who have 15,000 followers but only 2 tweets ???

    On the other hand, I have found a lot of great resources by following twitter links.

  2. Norm, you made me chuckle and almost roll out of my chair.

    I signed up late last year but didn’t post, so I was surprised after following a couple of friends in the past few days when my inbox was also suddenly flooded.

    My activity seems to have triggered a massive response from what I can only assume are people using a bot to auto follow.

    What? JoelComm wants to follow ME!
    Hmmmmm he is following 35,000 people… How can he possibly follow the updates of 35,000 people…

    I do agree that there is some value if you dig for it. Doing a quick search for ‘Joomla’ showed up some people of interest:

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