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A little note for all Joomla users – Joomla often does not get the immediate exposure it deserves in the search engines, at least not compared with WordPress, and the reason is simply that it lacks the inbuilt pinging capability that WordPress has. When you use WordPress to manage your site and you write a new post WordPress will then automatically notify a number of blog search engines on your behalf, such as Pingomatic, Technoratic, etc. This ping means your updates show up on the index of these websites and because Google crawls these services very frequently you often have your new content indexed in minutes. When I post a new blog post here Google comes and visits my site within a few seconds.And yes we run WordPress for the blog, and Joomla for the rest of the site.

So how do we get around this with Joomla? The answer is in a great little extension called Easy Ping for Joomla. This is a free Plugin created by Viviendo Linux. With this plugin installed each new content item you publish will result in the plugin pinging the engines you have configured in the plugin parameters.

By default the plugin comes with a number of sites already in the ping list but I recommend adding a few more for best results.

You can use this great ping list from MacKinven.

Simply navigate to your Extensions > Plugin Manager and select System – Easy Ping

In the parameters enter the ping list from above and you are done! You can overwrite the ones that are listed by default as shown in the screen shot.


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  1. Thx for mentioning the ping list.

  2. Neat plugin. Thaks for the info. And for the ping list.

  3. I like my name, I’ve had it since I got my first account on a sparc workstation back in the dark ages of pre-windows.

  4. Good say…Thanks for the ping list ;-)

  5. Once again Joomlabear saves the day. Just last week I was searching the Joomla Extensions Directory for such an extension without much success. I don’t know why I couldn’t find Easy Ping there, but just now I did a search and there it was. Thanks BigBear, as usual you provide some excellent info.

  6. Thanks for dropping by Aaron – It’s funny, It often seems much harder than it should to find stuff on the JED…

  7. I installed Easy Ping and now have the following error showing up above the main admin screen.

    Do you have any ideas as to how to resolve this problem?

    Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in /home/content/75/5045875/html/plugins/system/easyping.php on line 142

  8. Thanks for plugin and ping list i will test

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