Joomla Powered SlideShowPro Site Showcasing Film Locations

I’m extremely proud to showcase a new site I’ve just finished for FilmScouts NZ showcasing their film locations.

SlideShowPro and Joomla Template Demo

The Joomla Template is based on the BlackBear/PolarBear template framework and the gallery is powered by SlideShowPro/Director. An Awesome combination.

I have a couple of minor tweaks to do styling up the language selector buttons and setting up Japanese translations.

The live site can be viewed here.

Do let me know what you think in the comments. I’d also be interested to know your feedback on whether there is a demand for a template that supported this and made it quick and easy to get a Joomla/SlideShowPro site up and running.


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  1. Please note there is a known issue with the latest version of JoomFish Translation – the language selector does not work particularly well… They have released a patch but myself and other users are still finding issues with this. We love JoomFish and their team is awesome so I’m sure a fix is on its way.

  2. I love the filmstrip sides and bullet points in the module :)

  3. awesome framework joomla template. great work

  4. really a great theme. ideal for video

  5. It’s great! thanks for review!

  6. How to use this on WordPress ?


  7. Looks terrific! well done!

  8. Love the site, I was just wondering if you are able to advise on how you did this, or point me to detailed instructions on how to do this ? I have tried the EasySSP site’s instructions, but just cannot get anything to work.

  9. Managed to get the Editor installed and running – looks great, however, cannot get the SWF file to work.

    How do I get Slideshow Pro SWF to work ?

    – Where do I put the images (large and Thumbnail) ?
    – Where do I put the XML File ?
    – Where do I put the SWF ?

    eg. site installed under


    Assume SWF files installed under

    I am unable to add files to these directories via FTP (use Filezilla), and am unable to Upload Files via Joomla Control Panel.

    I am using Flash8 with the latest version of Slideshow Pro (1.9.5 ??)

    Help is greatly appreciated

  10. Have managed to upload files to stories/flash folder, however when I go to access the page – the SWF just does not load.

  11. When I add the SWF via the Joomlafckeditor, the SWF appears to work in the Upload Screen, yet NO content is displayed on the website when I go to view the screen. There is just whitespace (yet I can select Flash Settings when I move over the area)

  12. Rogue,
    That generally means your flash is not connecting to its XML file – double check the file paths you have entered.

  13. Have you added a crossdomain.xml?
    You need one of these so that the swf runs with www and without www – could be the issue if you are seeing the preview in the WYSIWYG but not on the site – try viewing your site with www and without

  14. Have Added the Cross Domain File to my httpdocs folder – still no luck.
    Have refreshed Cache and Tried 3 different browsers – Chrome, IE 8 and Firefox 3 – no luck.

    Does EasySSP need to be added ? As your Page Source seems to include this ???? (I have tried with and without – still no luck)

    My File Structure Below

    |- Images
    |- Stories
    |- Flash
    |- images.xml
    |- img_gall.swf
    |- actiongall
    |- albumthumb.jpg
    |- large (Large JPG’s in here)
    |- thumbs (Small JPG’s in here)

    My Slideshow Pro XMF file = images.xml

    My XML Contents below

    I must be missing something ???
    Does your site use SlideShow Director OR Just the FLASH version ?

  15. Hi Rogue,
    Using director, but no reason why this would not work with the standard xml manual setup.
    You are right – there are 2 slideshow pros running on filmscouts – oneuses easyssp – the other uses the method I described which I find easier…
    Have you got ssp running locally with your xml etc? I get this working first before uploading.

  16. Yes my Slideshow pro works locally.

    In my images.xml file should I use RELATIVE paths or Static ?

    ie. image/path OR ?

  17. I prefer using relative in most cases, BUT, when in doubt use absolute because it is 100% failsafe as long as you enter the path correctly.

  18. OK – looks like NO Flash will work. I uploaded an SWF file, with embedded images and even that will not run.

    Is there something else I need to install within my Joomla site to run SWF Files ?

    If so, where can I get the plugin, module etc…. ?

  19. email me – let me have a look see

  20. Check this with joomlafck:

    It may not be letting you insert all of the required embed code.

  21. Thanks for the Help, just could not get it to work, went out and bought EMSlideshow – does what I need to do, and is very easy to use. Installed and running within 5 minutes.

    Again, appreciate all your help – your site looks great (I may get there one day).

  22. Rogue,
    That generally means your flash is not connecting to its XML file – double check the file paths you have entered.

  23. Hi Big Bear,

    Found you in a Google search as I have recently installed SlideShowPro (taking images from Director) inside Joomla 1.5 (latest version) using EasySSP. It’s working fine (at last – what a hassle) in Firefox 3.5.6, but I’ve just discovered not so in IE7.

    I just checked out your site (this one) in IE7 too, to see what you’ve done to get around this, but your site has the same issue – blank white on the home page where the swf should be & weird flashing on the location gallery & showreel pages.

    Here’s a link to the swf on my site (compare IE7 with Firefox):

    Any thoughts?

    Frustratingly, the old module that ran under 1.0 worked fine…


  24. Hi again,

    Seems it was in part a Flash player issue (I don’t use IE except for checking sites!) & it wanted to upgrade (though it wasn’t telling me so – something to be aware of!). Your site looks fab now – mine still isn’t connecting to the xml file I guess (in IE7), though it does at least play the slideshowpro.swf, so some progress. Just need to figure the last bit now. Still pleased to hear any thoughts…



  25. One other thought – it might just be silly IE’s cache ;-) you could clear it and see how it loads.

  26. Hi BigBear,

    Thanks for the suggestions, yes, they’re things I discovered myself a while back, but key things to be aware of! It turned out to be IE7’s over-enthusiastic ActiveX settings, so I’ve now added a help link under the slideshow to help others with the same issue.

    Have a great holiday!


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