Joomla SEF – An Amazing Support Story

I’ve just written the statement below as a review on, but thought I would also post this here because I’m so impressed with the support I just received, the quality of the extension, and I want the JoomlaBear community to know about it.

I also want to give you all a heads-up about what I consider to be the new heavy-weight Joomla SEF extension that you should consider using over the other big names in SEF URL’s.

I’m switching to AceSEF because it’ faster and the support is amazing – It’s the type of support we give out at JoomlaBear, a willingness to get in and sort things out for our users. And this type of support is rare.

Below is my review of AceSEF:

I just had the best support experience I have ever had with anything related to Joomla. I contacted JoomACE via live chat to ask a couple of pre-sales questions – mainly to find out if AceSEF would be able to handle everything I needed for a Joomla/K2 installation.

A polite and courteous individual helped me through all my questions via Live Chat – and very promptly too.

So I went ahead and setup AceSEF and found that a feature I had wanted for SEF and K2 was not working the way I wanted – Please note, not a fault with AceSEF but a special requirement for my site – a URL format that would not be typical for most users (I’m pedantic about these things ;-)

So I got back on the live chat with JoomACE and within minutes their developers were logging into my Joomla installation and adding a new feature to the extension! AMAZING SERVICE!

I can’t recommend this extension highly enough – I’ve used sh404SEF on over 100 Joomla sites that I have built in the past 3 years – But I’m switching to AceSEF – It appears to run faster, and the support…  need I say anymore?

Final note – I’ve spent days testing various SEF extensions and hacking the sh404SEF extension for K2 – nothing worked properly – AceSEF solved all my K2 SEF issues out of the box and is the BEST option if you are using K2 and Joomla – in my opinion.

Give it a whirl.

Click here to visit AceSEF
Note: I paid $19 for the professional version of AceSEF that allows me to remove the attribution link – but you can get the same full featured SEF extension for FREE if you don’t mind your pages showing a link back to the AceSEF site. If in doubt try the free version, you won’t be disappointed. sh404SEF is now a paid extension too and the only free option is the Joomla core SEF. Joomla’s built in SEF is fine if you are not doing anything fancy with your Joomla site but if you want to run a component like a shopping cart or forum then you will want Search Engine Friendly URL’s for these as well.

AceSEF Control Panel Screenshot



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  1. Well I’m puzzled how you received such wonderful support from the Joomla SEF extension AceSEF staff when I bought the same $19USD AceSEF Plus, followed the installation manual and when I went into Global Config. I received an error message saying: “Unable to open configuration.php to write.” I could not phone for any support and when I submitted a ticket I was simply informed to go to forums.
    So essentially you got a deal, and I got shafted.
    I guess a third party is needed here to establish credulity.

    • Kheyann,
      I’m really sorry to hear that! I jumped on their live sales chat… online, not phone.
      Another thought – the first thing I did wrong was leave sh404sef installed – you can only have one SEF component installed it seems – active or not active – must uninstall sh404, or any other if you are running it.
      I’m going to fire them an email and see why you have not had the same experience I have…

      • The’ cannot write to Global Config’ sounds more like a hosting configuration issue though? Have you had any issues prior to installing AceSEF? because I can’t see how the SEF component would effect Joomla global config. Let me know.

  2. Hello,

    1. You did not submit any ticket but sent an email and as you know a far cry companies give Technical Support via email. That’s why you were told to open a topic in our Support Forums.

    2. Which configuration.php ? AceSEF or Joomla!’s one? If it AceSEF’s one, well you should just make the configuration file writable (as you can guess from the error message). Otherwise, as BigBear mentioned too, the issue is related with your hosting configuration. AceSEF absolutely does NOT effect the configuration.php of Joomla!

    3. While giving support to BigBear we didn’t know who they are and what they do at first and the support was the same so it has nothing to do with credulity.

    Best Regards
    JoomAce LLC

    • Thanks for stopping by JoomACE – hopefully you can submit a ticket Kheyann and get this sorted out.

      I’m still very pleased with AceSEF – It’s powering the Sef URL’s at Artificial Christmas Trees and is doing a great job – as I mentioned in my review – this is a Joomla and K2 installation and no other SEF component would work properly for this component – additionally the site is running faster with AceSEF than it was with sh404SEF.

      Kheyann, since your comment both myself and JoomACE have responded in less than 2 hours! I hope this is indicative of the good will and dedication behind the team at JoomACE. I’m sure they will sort you out.


  3. Thank you BigBear for responding not only via your website but also emailing me. In my humble opinion, your concern and action on my behalf toward JoomACE, is significantly more “amazingly supportive” than JoomACE’s reply. As I understand it, one must purchase the $39USD AceSEF to have JoomACE even respond via their ticket system.

    I think only people who are substantially Joomla and SEF knowledgeable should risk their $19USD on AceSEP; because they know how to get this amazing support, and they know how to filter a forum for an answer other than JoomACE’s. And for those who don’t have this knowledge expect the usual angry brush-off “companies don’t give email support— only people such as you BigBear

    BigBear you’re the amazing support!

  4. Kheyann,

    You honour me with your comment. Thank you.

    Regarding your issue – If your configuration.php is still unwritable I would do the following – contact your host and ask them to check ownership/file permissions for your Joomla installation, and specifically configuration.php.

    I would say if this is a fresh install of Joomla, and you are having issue with the one file you may end up having issues with all the files eventually – the reason is straight forward and is simply that the files on the web server need to be ‘owned’ by Joomla so it can manipulate them – with some luck you get your host to do this once and then you are good to go. However some hosts do have ongoing issues with this…

    You can actually modify ownership yourself with shell access – not all hosts allow this and it’s fairly advanced – so best to just ask them to do it as a first step.

    Lastly if all else fails and you just want to tun on SEF URL’s – you can actually do this manually by editing your configuration.php via FTP – download it and look for the following:
    var $sef = ‘0’;
    var $sef_rewrite = ‘0’;
    var $sef_suffix = ‘0’;

    Change the 0 to 1 and re-upload.

    The first var is for SEF URL’s turned on

    The 2nd var is to use Apache mod_rewrite (I recommend this but make sure you also rename htacces.txt to .htaccess)

    The 3rd var is to add a .html suffix to the end – I often leave this one off.

    So my settings are typically:
    var $sef = ‘1’;
    var $sef_rewrite = ‘1’;
    var $sef_suffix = ‘0’;

    This last manual method is not really recommended as you really want to get the ownership/permissions thing sorted so you don’t have ongoing issues.


    Big Bear

  5. Thank you BigBear,
    I have just obtained Fetch-FTP, and I have discovered how to change permissions using Fetch. However this does not solve the original problem: That being, my Elder site-viewers want to go to the domain_name_website not to go to domain_name_website/joomla to find my new website information. In fact most of my Elders have had domain_name_website (without the “/joomla” added), business cards printed saying that’s where my website is!!!
    How can I make “/joomla” invisible so that “domain_name_website” is the URL for the Home Page: http://www.domain_name_website/joomla/index.php

    Again thank you for your assistance in these matters.

  6. Kheyann,
    Firstly – permissions are different from file group/ownership.
    Yes you can set permissions to be open to get around various problems – but this is a security risk.
    The solution is to get your host to review the group/owner of the files.
    Your other question – to remove /joomla/ from the URL – what you want to do here is shift your entire site from the /joomla/ directory into the root directory – In most cases this is most easily accomplished with your web hosts file manager. some hosts do not provide a good file manager though – in which case I would recommend using Joomlapack.

    After shifting all the files you need to open your configuration.php and look for any path that included /joomla/ – you need to modify these to the new path which will not include /joomla/.

    Before you do anything tell me what host and control panel you are using.

  7. Hello BigBear,

    My host is:
    My control panel is: EPanel with Fantastico providing the software installing/uninstalling.

    Thanks again for your amazing support.

  8. Buyer Beware with aceSEF!! I purchased this product, spend several weeks trying to get it to work. It is filled with bugs. I asked for a refund and was denied/ignored. They took my money and did not give me a workable product. They ignored my support posts, and said everything will be fixed in the next release, which I waited for…and the latest release just created more issues!

    If you want more details on my situation go here (this is not a spam site. Just a throwaway site I have used to document my issues with acesef.)

    Bottom Line…I paid for a product, they took my money. The product did not work, and they kept my money!

    • Damn! Tim that sux…

      I have had slow down issues as well – I fixed these simply by turning caching on. Though I was not that impressed that AceSEF was performing over 300 database requests on page load… might also be teh fault of K2 – not sure.

      I now have two people who have not been happy with AceSEF… I must say they did respond quickly to my first support requests – and things were adjusted very quickly – I’m sad you have had not an equal experience…


      The other thing that has sold me on AceSEF is that it is the only SEF extension that will give me nice URL’s for Joomla and K2… I really needed this – nothing else works…

  9. I bought it because of the nice URL’s which I wanted as well, but unfortunately the rest of the extension was unworkable…And the company ignored me once they got my $$, which really pisses me off!

  10. I have been having a nightmare getting my site SEF. I however used the medium lazy approach and its now working.

    I personally recommend, using a combination of the joomla! SEF patch, JoomSEF component by Artio (free or paid version) and Joomap component.


    I have placed an article with some useful files on my site

    I hope you also find this useful and it meets your approval.

    By the way registration is acting up on your site, could you please look into it.


    • Simbarashe,
      Thanks for sharing – and for the note about registration – we do a get a few reports of issues with the captcha, however 6 people registered in the past hour – and the alternative, i.e. not using captcha, results in dozens of spam bot registrations each day…

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