Joomla VPS And Dedicated Servers With LiquidWeb

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LiquidWeb are an absolutely awesome hosting company and I would recommend them above most other options.

Their support is second to none – try emailing them the most complex technical question you can imagine and you’ll typically have a response from one of their knowledgeable technicians in around 5 minutes!

Sounds amazing I know, but they are that good.

The catch

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. LiquidWeb don’t do $5 accounts, or even $10 accounts.

What LiquidWeb excel at is slightly larger setups – Dedicated Severs and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). These start at around $60 per/month and run into the hundreds. When your business reaches this level the LiquidWeb is worth every penny, especially if you value your uptime, server speed and support.

For many of our customers who are already running profitable businesses online these costs are minuscule for the peace of mind that comes from having your web presence looked after by a team of experts.

I realize the prices are more than most people wish to pay when starting out, but if you are starting to experience some measure of success online, or you foresee rapid growth in your web presence, then I would highly recommend having a close look at Liquid Web.

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