Joomulus 2 – Now Handles Greek Characters – Other Languages Coming Soon

greek-joomulus-screenshotHello All,

Joomulus has been updated to include the Greek character set.

It took some thinking to solve the multilingual option but now that we have worked this out we can provide additional languages/character sets as required (and time permits).

If you have a specific language or character set you want included in Joomulus then leave a comment below. We’ll consider a comment a vote and we’ll start updating the language character sets for the most popular requests first.

Download Joomulus free from our downloads area (must be registered).


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  1. Portuguese (portugal).
    I have one doubt, this version has one month and a half?
    Date Added: 2009-05-12 09:43:30
    Downloads: 5811

    Or is from today and the dates are wrong?

  2. Congratulations, really cool and very interesting interactive module to entertain visitors. Easy to install and working ok here under IE8 and FF3. I’d like just to leave a few suggestions for a future version:

    1) Maybe we would have a checkbox to opt to the text keep moving/rotating/flying non-stop (infinitely) or when mousing over;
    2) Get to set a new color for the text right after receiving the click;
    3) Nowadays the text comes fading from the text color1, maybe it would be cool to have a color3 to set when the text hits the 100% foreground, it would use the color 3 when hitting the 100% foreground.
    4) In the module description you would add a version text #, just to know what version we have installed.

    That’s all.

    Congratulations for the amazing module and thanks for sharing it.

  3. What about Russian(cyrillic) Language? Is it available?

  4. still the &ampersands in core-urls become stripped of, but this time it worked out for one time .. the first time saving the module in Jbackend.

    And there’s sth. wrong about using as an element (helper.php -> line 18 – 29), please see the I’m suffering on not being able to code myself..

    Everything else is great, thanks for floating this amazing feature to us. And I like the balloon-template as well, You guys really make flash loveable to the people ;-) LG

  5. Jorge – the download manager records all the downloads for the module regardless of version unfortunately. we’ll look into this – I guess we could create separate entries…

  6. Russian and Portuguese look like the two upcoming options. And we’ll look at the &ampersands issues this weekend – thx

  7. So, my version of May is out-of-date, right?
    If you need any help regarding the portuguese language, let me know.

  8. Hi Jorge,

    It may be out of date but I would not worry too much – changes are minor unless you need Greek support – We’ll try and get Portuguese done for you in the next couple of days and you can upgrade then.

    Your help would be much appreciated – nothing major but we were thinking it would be nice to provide translations of the Joomulus options in Joomla admin.

    I’ll get back to you on this in the next few days as I’ll need to speak with my brother who is doing most of the development.


    Big Bear

  9. it would be great if it have support for utf8 languages like spanish

  10. Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese characters should now be supported. You’ll need to download the latest version and select the Language appropriate.

    Because Flash is used to animate the text, the characters need to be embedded in the swf. And supporting all utf-8 languages at once would create a 300kb flash file. This is overkill for most people. Exporting Joomulus in language packages keeps the swf to around 30-35kb, keeping the page load nice and snappy. So for any languages currently unsupported or bugs, please either comment here or open a thread in our forum. Thanks

  11. I’ve got strange problem by using Russian language. I can turn it on, but can’t see anything on my page. Even .swf doesn’t load.
    If i’m trying to use cyrilic symbols, when english/latin is turned on, i can’t see only those charachters. With english/latin all is excelent.

  12. Hi Nodary,
    The Russian characters need to be embedded into the swf for this to work – we have not done this yet but will try to get this and Chinese done tomorrow.

  13. Dear BigBear,
    It is great to hear that you are planning to include Cyrillic script in (Great!) Joomulus. Please, may I ask you to take into consideration extended Cyrillic set (including characters form Srbian, Bulgarian…) languages?
    Thank you in advance!

  14. Dear BigBear,
    It is great to hear that you are planning to include Cyrillic script in (Great!) Joomulus. Please, may I ask you to take into consideration extended Cyrillic set (including characters form Serbian, Bulgarian…) languages?
    Thank you in advance!

    PS I’m not sure about my previous post, due cookies problem, and also made a typo in my name.

  15. I love Joomulus. How can I make it my header?

  16. Dear BigBear,
    joomulus is realy good and useful extension. Can you support turkish character set, please.
    Thank you.

  17. Russian language didn’t support! :(

  18. And what is with russian? How can i set it? When i set russian for the module in admincenter/I get some other characters in my cloud. Not latin and not kirillic/

  19. Dear BigBear,

    I have a problem with Bulgarian language on k2 joomulus. I think that the problem is with unicode (utf-8). When I tried the beta version of The problem is gone. How can I fix this on k2 joomulus? Thanks for the great module!

  20. Dear BigBear,

    It was great that you supported greek characters in joomulus, although i cannot see greeks in your other module joomulus for k2 tags! is it true that this module does not support greek or am i doing somethinh wrong?

  21. Hi, the extension is great but I need it for a chinese site. UTF 8 Big 5 (chinese).. is it going to be available?

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