Joomulus with Japanese Character Support – Kana

Joomulus is updated! The flash Tag cloud for Joomla now includes improved styling! More languages! Full details and download link below the Japanese character demo.

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Updates include:

The mouse pointer displays as a hand when hovering over tags – as you would expect for a hyperlink.

X and Y scaling is fixed – you can get an elongated spread of tags by adjusting this value as seen in our Joomulus Demo.

Language/character sets included in this module are as follows:

  1. English/Basic Latin
  2. Greek/English
  3. Japanese – Kana
  4. Bulgarian/Russian/Serbian/English – Cyrillic Base
  5. Portuguese/Polish/English – Latin Extended Base

We plan to release Turkish, Chinese and a number of others very soon – time did not allow for this release – leave your comments and suggestions below.


If you <strong><span style=”color: #ff0000;”>LOVE</span></strong> Joomulus <strong>please show your appreciation</strong> by using the social bookmarking links at the bottom of this post. Or you can <a href=”” target=”_blank”>go ahead and DIGG right now</a>! Or <a href=”;title=Joomulus+with+Japanese+Character+Support+-+Kana” target=”_blank”>add it to your delicious bookmarks</a>!


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  1. NICE !!!! Thanks for the update , I can’t read Japanese , but the new Joomulus looks Great !!! I will download and update my Joomulus. again Thanks . Dave

  2. wow, this is beautiful.

    and the beautiful mountains with snow are perfect.


  3. Hi, it’s very nice. But it would be perfect if it would support more fonts or png-graphics.
    Thanks for your work

  4. This extension is great- easy to install, easy to configure. Thanks for the great stuff. Please keep it coming.

  5. Best looking tag cloud ever, and fun.

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