Monster Energy Drink vs Vermonster

Excuse the off-topic post – this is not about Joomla! but an entirely different matter altogether. It is however about community and about people sticking together to defend what’s right and just. What it boils down to is this: a Billion dollar energy drink conglomerate called Hansen Beverage Co, has told a small Vermont Brewery they must cease and desist making one of their beers because the name of the beer, the “Vermonster”, is too similar to Monster Energy Drink, one of Hansen Beverage Co’s products. Clearly this is absolutely ridiculous – please watch the video:

Now I’m not American, I was born and bred in *New Zealand, but this matter still concerns me gravely, and I think Hansen Beverage should know that distaste for their products has spread across the globe.

If you have read this far and watched the video then you are probably feeling as I am – you can take action in one of the following ways:

  1. Not buying  Hansen Beverage products
  2. Telling people you know to stop buying Hansen Beverage products, especially Monster Energy Drink.
  3. If you blog then you can blog about this as I have.
  4. You can follow The Rock Art Brewery on Twitter
  5. Or visit the Rock Art Brewery Website

You can view the blogs of other friends of mine who are helping out with this campaign below:

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*If you are wondering where New Zealand is, it’s that little place on the edge of the globe also known as Middle Earth, from whence come Hobbits and such like ;-)


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  1. Sup Joomla … thanks for the comment! See ya on WW. lol.

  2. So that’s where NZ is… thought it was just south of Newfoundland. So you’re the mouse next door to the elephant just like Canada then? :-)


  3. @Strathy, nice of you to drop by – will definitely see you in the Wolves Den.

    @Griz, it was my pleasure to help out.

    Regarding New Zealand – all I can say is I’m grateful Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, etc) has put us on the map for something other than:
    a) Sheep
    b) Farming
    c) Unmentionable things that farmers and sheep do together (I assure you it’s a myth).

  4. Sure it’s a myth (wink wink) That’s what the Scots say too… ;-)

  5. I am seriously honored that you included me in your links, thank you Joomla Big Bear. ;)
    I am pretty sure we got the attention of the folks over at Monster because they have stopped their suit again Rock Art (or at least compromised)
    Nice work! and thanks for helping the “community” LOL

    • Allyn,

      No problem, anytime, just holla!

      I’ve been enjoying your video series too – the only thing is I’m drinking more beer as well…

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