New NinjaKiwi Site About To Go Live


I’ve just finished a complete recode of one of my biggest client projects last year – NinjaKiwi.

This games site receives well over 100,000 visitors per day. It is the highest traffic site I have built with Joomla.

You can see a preview of the rebuild here play ninja kiwi’s free online games here. If you notice anything strange please do leave me a comment, any help beta testing is much appreciated.

This is great news for all because I will now be focusing all my energy back on JoomlaBear, the the imminent improvements and some free stuff for you all.

With a little luck we will have a new JoomlaBear site by the end of the week, a new forum, a freshly recoded transparent bliss template, and a tutorial on setting up an affiliate virtuemart site ;-)

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