Non-Expiring Godaddy Promo Codes

Update, new code tested and working:

I used the following promo code in July 2011 to buy a .com for $7.49, a big discount over the the $11.99 standard price:

Promo Code: cjc749fat

Now go get your discount!

If you are thinking of registering a domain I’ve dug up some excellent Godaddy Promo Codes below that will get you a discount anytime of the year! If you use Godaddy regularly you are probably receiving newsletters with promotions every few days. These discounts expire, usually within a few weeks, however my codes below do not expire!

IMPORTANT UPDATE – The codes below are not cumulative with other promotions – as an example  if Godaddy are offering 20% off .com registrations,  which are usually around the $9.50 mark, these will be discounted to around $7.50.

BUT if you add a %10 off coupon from my list below godaddy will recalculate the discounted price from the original $9.50, giving you 10% off $9.50, or just $0.95 – resulting in a price around $8.50. Sometimes it is better not to use the promo code so make sure you check the price carefully at checkout to make sure the big daddy has not already discounted you.

Godaddy have provided us with an automatically updating banner that shows their latest promotion – often this will result in a better overall price.

Check the link below for godaddy’s current special – if the discount is larger than the promo code then do not use the promo code unless you have calculated that the promo code will give you a better price than the one below.

Clicking the link below will automatically add the discount to your order at Godaddy though note that the discount sometimes does not display until the checkout page.

Godaddy Promo Code OYH1 will get you 10% off any Godaddy order.

Godaddy Promo Code OYH2 will get  you a $5 discount off any Godaddy order over $30.

Godaddy Promo Code OYH3 will discount your .COM domain by $2.50

If anyone knows of any other codes leave a comment and I’ll update the list. Enjoy your savings at Godaddy ;-) And don’t forget to bookmark this post! Delicious it now!



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  1. thanks for the list

  2. Here’s another set of codes that don’t expire:

    emma1 – 10% off any order.
    emma2 – 20% off any order >$30 or 25GBP.
    emma3 – all new .com domains for $6.95.
    emma4 – ~25% off the first year of a domain registration at

    emma25 – 25% discount on orders of $100+ or £50+, for a limited time only.
    emma30 – 30% off when you register a new .COM domain .
    emma35 – all new .com domains for 3.50GBP (potentially the cheapest price in the UK)
    emma50 – 50% off the first year registration price of a domain at

  3. Bernie that is one AWESOME set of codes.

    Just tested emma30 it and it works… Like a dream… Thanks for that, I know the punters will appreciate it.

    If we an do anything in return do drop us an email.

    • Hi wakaka.
      I used the ones in my post in the past 7 days and they work well – note that the ones posted by Bernie starting with “emma” are mainly for .com purchases. I have tested 3 of them just now and they are not “expired” exactly… Godaddy reports “Our $6.95 .com promotion has ended and has been replaced with the current $7.49 .com promotion” which I would still be very happy with… It’s a good chunk off the $10.69 they tried to charge me initially.

  4. thank you for the list.btw when godaddy would give coupon code for .coms $ 0,99 again? because i am waiting :D

  5. OHY3 still works, but it isn’t $2.50 anymore :(

  6. Maybe you could post some bluehost promo codes… just kidding! thanks for this list. i’m planning to register a new domain so i’m scouting for some promo codes.

    • lol – is that a reference to affiliate marketing?

      For the record godaddy don’t pay any commission when people use a promo code so I can’t make money on this. Dang!

      I don’t promote crap hosts BTW – only one cheap host gets my recommendation at present and that’s Steadfast. They are cheap and solid.

  7. Omg this article is super!
    Thank you for this list of codes and thank you Bernie too.
    I will try them asap as godaddy is my domain and host provider too.

    Thank you again.

  8. Try these codes for GoDaddy, they are all new for 2009:

    slam1 – 10% off

    slam2 – 20% off ….

    slam30 – 30% off .COMs and renewals

  9. Thanks for this!!! I had two site up for renewal and just renewed one at the ten dollar price. Where can I get the 7.49 .com sale link for our site? The banners I see at godaddy don;t include that one.
    Thanks again!

    John, Station Manager

  10. Thanks! i checked slam30 myself and it worked.
    does anybody know about .info domains? are they any good?

  11. Thanks for sharing these coupons. Really helped with the bulk purchase. Saved more than $25.

  12. Thanks much, I just saved $4.97 with your GoDaddy promo code Slam1 for a .org registration and domain alert backordering package. I really appreciate the time you took to make the codes available.

  13. Thank you for your list, i test it

  14. OYH2 Works perfectly!
    thank you very much for the coupons!

  15. Go Daddy promo code update. Vast quantities of the recurring Godaddy coupons have just changed. Here’s the official promo codes that are working. These coupons will give you a discount in 2010. $7.49 Domain names and renewals – Use Go Daddy coupon codes ZINE10, GOO3, or OK9. 25% discount on orders of $100+ – Use Go Daddy coupon OK25. 30% Discount when you buy any com domain – Use Godaddy coupon OK30. $12.99 SSL Certificates – Use promo codes GOOSSL, OKSSL, or ZINESSL. Hosting Promo Code – 20% Off Hosting – Use Godaddy coupon codes OK20H, ZINE20H1 or GOO20H. 10% off any size order – Use Godaddy coupons OK7, GOO1 or ZINE8. $5 Off $30 or More – Use coupons GOO2 or ZINE9. 20% Off Any order of $50 or more – Use Godaddy promo code OK8.

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