New Notebook Style Joomla Template

Hi All,

We’ve been very busy working on a number of updates to, and among the good things coming are two new templates.

The first one will be uploaded as a beta later today for members (I will still be tweaking and improving it for a little while).

Healthy Eating Recipes

It’s a notebook style joomla template with a torn edge look, simple and to the point with nice typography.

I’ve created a dedicated demo site for the template and picked a theme of healthy eating recipes as a starting point. I like doing this because starting with a theme for the site makes it a lot easier to find design inspiration for the overall look and feel. The idea is that the template is flexible and you can use the notebook base with any site theme – just use a different feature image( top left) and your own background image.

The demo site is adsense optimized, and you should see good click through rates using this layout with your own projects.

I plan on releasing a number of themes for the notebook look – the first one is good for cooking, restaurant or and food themed Joomla site.


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  1. Great looking template. I agree about the idea of choosing a theme to drive some inspiration.

    • Graydon,
      Really nice of you to stop by :)
      I have used the template base to build a site for a friend who is making Whisky and planning to go commercial soon – images are all provided by him (I don’t quite understand the skull image ;-) but the barrel background looks good I think.

  2. I like the look of the whisky site. The barrel works well as the background image.

    I’m guessing that the skull is in reference to the potency of whiskey… ? : )

    I just wish I had some more time to play around with some different theme / ideas… something like a “field journal”… or a writer’s notebook… or a artist’s sketch book.

    It should work well for someone that was looking for a minimal design… and going for that zen thing.

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