Obama For President!

Just wanted to share JoomlaBear’s elation that Barack Obama was elected as President of the USA.

History was made today.


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    • I can’t stand spammers who just link to a product or affiliate product on their own site – hence the link has been removed.

  2. Did you go to his inauguration ceremony? A friend of mine went there and said it was packed with about 2 to 3 million people. I can’t believe so many people went there to see a president sworn in.

    I didn’t think that many people were that angry at former President bush and elated over Obama winning. Do you think things will actually change now, though? I’m just hoping the world likes the U.S. again and not be so mad at us. I don’t like how so many people out there hate us.

    Oh for the record I Did vote for Obama even though I’m a republican. Yes, I didn’t like bush that much either but oh well, I’m concerned for our future.

    • No I wasn’t at the inauguration – I got up at 5.00 AM to watch it on TV here in New Zealand though ;-)

      Like you, I hope Obama brings a global change to public opinion toward the USA. People here in NZ generally feel a negativity towards a lot what has happened in recent years – The war on terror, Guantanamo Bay, etc, etc.

      There are many things I admire about the USA and I feel Obama is definitely giving people, even as far away as New Zealand, a sense of change.

      I only feel concerned that Obama has inherited the worst economic crisis in 50 years… I cross my fingers and hope he can pull us all through it.

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