Porting Roy Tanck’s Beautiful WP-Cumulus To Joomla

Regular readers may have noticed a beautiful new Tag Cloud appearing at the bottom of the right column on this blog – If you haven’t checked it out have a look now – it’s magic!

It’s a WordPress Tag Cloud plugin called WP-Cumulus and it was devised by Roy Tanck.

I won’t beat about the bush – As soon as I saw it I knew the Joomla community would love to have a compatible version of this plugin as a Joomla module so I contacted Roy and asked if he would mind if we ported it. Roy has kindly given us the thumbs up – read more here.

We hope to have a Joomla beta version of the WP-Cumulus tag cloud available in the next week or so. I’m thinking it should perhaps be named J-Cumulus, but will run this past the original developer. Leave a comment if you have a better idea for a name.

Thanks again to Roy Tanck for making something so beautiful and sharing it with the world.

Download Joomulus module

This is only the first release, cleaner more advanced code will come shortly. Please post suggestions and comments in the Joomlabear forum


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  1. Hi Roy,
    That’s got a great ring to it!
    My only concern was keeping the “Cumulus” cloud reference. But I noticed your post on the TypePad port = Tumulus, A theme seems to be emerging so lets run with it.
    Here’s to Joomulus!

  2. I really like this tag cloud, i want one! hope you can release it soon, JOOMULUS!

  3. i don’t see this plugin for joomla :(… wher can I donwnload this? Can anyone tell me!!!

  4. We’re still working on it. As stated above we plan to have Joomulus beta 1 ready within the next few days.

  5. Super stuff. But will it be released on 1.0.x and 1.5.x version ?

  6. hoho … i’ll be here every day since Joomulus comes out !!
    Thanks for the job.

  7. @ Agresor – Hopefully! We’re working on the 1.5 version right now – once it’s going, hopefully tomorrow – we’ll hopefully get it running for J1 as well.

  8. @ Raw – :) We’re cranking it out tomorrow with a bit of luck.

  9. Personal – I use J1 – until it has official support. But I think that – not only I gonna be happy for this plugin running nativly on my favorite CMS ;) Greetings.

  10. Cool finally made time to work this nifty little module out. The first release will be up later today.

  11. And for those of you who don’t know there are two people behind the cool stuff at JoomlaBear – Bambi is the clever one who works magic with PHP.

  12. Follow the link above to the Joomlabear downloads section. There are still a few things missing like category’s to exclude; But in a few day when we have some more time we should see a more robust version. Until then enjoy.

  13. hey bigbear, i tried it but it gave me bunch of php errors…. do you know what might be wrong?

  14. Hey skwrls,
    Can you post the PHP errors you’re getting?

    In my rush yesterday I left the reference to the javascript and swf file as a file path to my local machine. So in my testing of the module it still worked for me but obviously for no one else.
    I’ve resolved the file path issues nowwhich should sort out the errors. Please download again and re-install.

    But I haven’t done any testing of the module with other major Joomla components. So you may still see the error, if you do it’d be good to know what the errors were.


  15. Have tested it on Chromatic BlackBear and seems to install ok – Don’t think the exclude words list is working properly yet – will have more updates over the course of the week so check back.

  16. hi
    Thanks a ton for the port..i’ve been looking all over the net for it..

    Unfortunately i cant get it to work , i get this message – “Requires Flash Player 9 or better.” although i have the latest version of the player installed.

    I tried it on firefox 3 and IE 6.What am i missing ?

  17. umm… i guess its because joomulus is incompatible with the template that i am using…
    i tried on couple other templates and i got the same error as Abhishek

    “Requires Flash Player 9 or better.”

  18. Try downloading again and re-installing. I’ve made a few changes that should have resolved the major issues.

  19. Sounds great, i am not that tech knowledgable.

    But if it possible it could be cool to have the tags both vertical and horisontal direction. may be this could be done using wordle.net in some way ?

  20. that tag cloud is useful but it’s funny how the most popular keyword is uncategorized

  21. it looks like there have been some minor issues with joomulus on some sites. have they been resolved? It looks very cool and I want to add to my test prep site (www.test-guide.com).

  22. we are waiting for your post hope you release soon

  23. I installed mod_joomulus 1.0.6.zip on my joomla 1.5 and it works by how to change the names on slide i like that to be some of my artickles there to slide…can you halp me…

  24. I love the cumulus tag cloud, I have it on two different wordpress blog. It is going to be great to test it out in joomla

  25. what abotut the tug? how to tug someting?

  26. Tug? not sure I follow – have been extremely busy of late – will be working on updates to this soon.

  27. Hi, It works and looks pretty cool in joomla 1.5.
    Just wondering it’s of any value from SEO perspective. Thank you.

    • You should get SEF html tags running behind the flash – they display if flash plugin is not installed, and of course to search engines. Though Google claims to index flash now – at least partially – so that would/could also give some potential search engine benefit…

  28. Hi! From a long time i`m trying to use this wonderful cloud on my site and finaly when i found it for joomla, i can`t use it… I have only 500kb per file for my hosting… Is there any way swf file to be with a smaller resolution?

  29. I love the cloud tag – why did you stop to use it?

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