Sunrise at JoomlaBear HQ (aka: the Bear Cave)

Sunrise at Joomlabear HQ

Well, a little bit of light relief in the JoomlaBear blog this morning – I awoke at dawn to see this most incredible sunrise so whipped out the camera and grabbed a shot from the deck wearing only my PJ’s.

Next we moved on to post-hibernation coffee,  just what the doctor ordered…

Helped a few people out in the forum – good question here on potential Joomla caching issues, what to do when your menu active states get locked on for no apparent reason.

Uploaded another Joomla template showcase item – It’s been a huge week for our users – so many beautiful sites…. Well done all.

Just a typical Sunday morning here at Bear HQ.

And we have a huge week planned ahead, and you can all look forward to some very exciting things coming in the next few days – From templates to tutorials to tags clouds ;-)

Finally. a little plug for mother bear who has been working away on her Hunter Douglas blinds site – it’s just structure at the moment – no styling, but watch this space.


Big Bear


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  1. It surely is worth waking up to see such a beautiful sunrise. I love your photo.

  2. Thanks V :-) nice to see you stopping buy, can I make you a cuppa?

  3. Yes, please! I’ll be hurrying up, maybe I can still catch some of this sunrise (although it might be a full day already by now)

  4. I am a person who loves to read, and learn, and this website has teach me, new things in life, that you for all the information, in templates and knowledge that is being shared.

    always jam.

    p.s this website joomla bear is like a dictionary to me, for i learn a lot

  5. :)
    Loved it.

    This and the sunset are my favorite time of the day.

  6. i have been checking around some template site and hmm some stuff are not that friendly, not to compare, regarding the people in this site, are really friendly, easy to communicate, and i feel at home. and right now i am learning how to attach slide show, which is a bit brain storming, but hmm i guess i will work out well, i just need to learn more.

    God BLess to all people here
    always jam

  7. NICE !! put it in a bottle and save it for a rainy day !

  8. Hey dave, sorry What do you mean place it in a bottle, sorry i always like to understand in a clear way, but i find it funny.

  9. Hi Jam , This is a very old saying , it means to try to preserve or save something nice or good , such as a “sunny day” , a “rainbow” or Bear’s perfect sunrise. “Putting it in a bottle” is just a way of saying , “to save it” for when times are bad or dark such as a rainy day , you can in your mind ,open this bottle and see the sunrise or rainbow again and it makes people feel good again. There’s a song , maybe if you’ve heard it “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket , save it for a rainy day” This is the same idea. So the next time you see something really outstanding , save it in your mind , for when times are sad , open the bottle , and it will make you happy again. Jam , have a good day , Dave

  10. Oh thanks Dave,

    Now your speaking, i respect such people who share ideas like you, its maybe we are from different country’s, and different saying, something like. this below.

    Why do we Fall, in order to pick ourselves up, and place the right Armour.

    This means, When we fall, and stand up again, and heal the painful part of life, in order the next time, you get hit, you are more stronger, for you have upgraded your weakness.

    thanks Dave.

    and Regards to Big bear, a very good person. who helps new people with out knowledge about websites.

    always jam

  11. Hi Jam , You are very welcome. Your saying is very true , we should learn from “falling” and get up again even stonger. Yes, you’re right the Bears are good people. Later, Dave

  12. Hey Dave, at last i have a 2nd friend here,yes bear people are good, if you only knew what kindness they have done :) it will always be in my heart that i cannot forget.

    This website one thing i like is having friends, and learning, in here, so far i yet really don’t know what to download and used, the moment you become a member, you can take everything in here, which is really nice, to enjoy, heheh, I have been trying to learn the things called what you see is what you get, how can this be uploaded to a local host or to a website.

    The other thing is, men is hot, i mean global warming, or is it global warning, that people no longer need to abuse mother nature.

    always jam

  13. Hello there, i am back, not busy so i have time to read and learn once more, how are you dave, how are you bear. i see a lot of people lately come in this website like more than a hundred that’s almost every hour, men this website rocks. happy to be a member here.

    God bLess all.

  14. Happy Easter to all, God bLEss you all.

    by jam

  15. Oh i love the sunrise here, God BLess to all bears here and friends and to dave

  16. Hi Jam , Happy Easter , keep working on your website , and don’t forget if you have any questions to post them on the forum pages. Take care and Bless you too. Dave

  17. Sorry it took me time to reply. i miss this website a lot, and miss reading things out here. how is life. i like the background of the template right now. its really cool bro. and hello to bear to.

    i am just dropping by and reading more info

  18. hey dave, i visited your website, its pretty ha, its joomla bear you are using, wow, and nice slide show you have, i also see you are using joomolus in the sides nice really dave.

    God BLess you all

  19. So beautiful…I wish I was there right now :)

  20. i miss this website God BLess you bear people. miss you

  21. That photo is just gorgeous. I feel the same way as Linda – I wish I was there now!

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