Time Lapse Video – View From JoomlaBear Office

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The video above shows a time lapse of shots taken with a water proof stills camera. Pause between shots is 30 seconds. The sequence was started just before dawn and shot from our office window. Thats the view we see while we work on templates for you :-)

The video was created by my very good friend Phil Aitken from Film Scouts who can be found at his site specializing in film locations.


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  1. Nice video! I love the time lapse effect. I’m thinking about getting one of those cheap cameras that shoot time lapse so I can do things like strap it to my bike and ride around town :)

    • Thanks! Don’t know how long it’s been since you were last in NZ? or if you recognize the view? but thats us looking down High St towards the harbor – Queen St/Sky Tower to left of camera view. The camera is really cool – around $500 NZ/$300 USD, and water proof. You could even bike with it in the rain!

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