Transparent Joomla Template – TransBear Updated!

TransBear – Our very popular Transparent Joomla Template has been updated. Check out the demo site at


The template now features built in Son of SuckerFish dropdown menus, and we have integrated Drew McLellan’s Transparency Fix for IE6 and below.

We have also added a SlideShowPro Installation to the demo site. NOTE This is not included with the template as it is a commercial product and needs to be purchased seperately – However we are offering a new Joomla and SlideshowPro setup service,  where we set up your Joomla website with SlideshowPro and the Director Image manager.

To download or upgrade TransBear please visit the TransBear – Transparent Joomla Template page.

Some things you should note are as follows – The transparency fix requires an image named x.gif be placed in your site root directory. We have included this in the template installer – but it is not possible to install this into the Joomla root via the template installer- the file named x.gif will be in your site template root directory after installation and you should move this to the site root so that the transparency fix works correctly for IE6 and below.

Additionally for the drop-down menus to function you need to apply a module class suffix of  _sf to your menu module and publish in top-nav position. As shown in the screenshot below: - Administration


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  1. Really nice looking template, the demo looks amazing.

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