Updates to TransparentBliss 3 Released

Updated TransparentBliss 3

The template is currently available to premium members, and can be downloaded here.
Layout Selection
-Layout Selection in the Template Options (Less-Transparent, More-Transparent, Square-Corners)

Layout Problem
-Layout Problem with “Visitors” in the left menu solved

Insert a footer
-Changes for the footer-text can make in the template options

Insert the Bear in footer
-It can enable/disable in the template-options

-Setup a Daughter and Grandson-menue for the left site in the css

-Stars in the MainMenue can Enable/Disable in the Template Options

System Messages
-Enable the system Messages. Example: After a registration the user see a message on the site




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  1. Thanks for these updates GermanBear – they look great!

  2. We need an update to Joomla 1.7 for this. Greatest theme ever! :D

  3. Is the TransparentBliss 3 theme compatible with jooomla 2.5?

  4. Have downloaded Transparent Bliss and will need to get my head round it. Thanks for the post and hope to see some quality posts on here soon.


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