Very Cool CSS Background Images

I’ve been playing around creating some cool background images which I’m pretty stoked with – These will be used in our upcoming Joomla template – this one is going to be something special. A sample below to get you excited!

Detail View Of Background Image

Full View


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  1. I think you need to add some pages to make the bottom nav work. I have this theme on another blog of mine. Saw your post on BTW nice work!…

  2. Hi Bovine, Thanks for the nice feedback and for popping by.
    I do actually have a couple of pages – About and Blog – they displayed before I switched to this theme – I was using K2 previously which is a fascinating theme but almost to clever for its own good I think… Still puzzled by the bottom menu if you have any other suggestions. Maybe I’ll try adding an additional page to see if it stimulates some activity…

  3. Thanks Bovine, that did the trick – simply added a new page and presto!

  4. i may have missed it on your site, but are the templates that use these available yet?

  5. Certainly a wonderful background. But why not have it in a theme for WP as well? It would certainly be much more awesome. but great stuff. Keep it up. Cheers

  6. Thank you. Its cool background images.

  7. Great picture – it would be really interesting to know how you did that. Is it some kind of Photoshop effect or something? I know nothing about graphics but I would love to be able to make some cool background for my website.

  8. nice pictures. Looks like a special photoshop brush

  9. this picture is so frickin awesome!

  10. i love that pic!!!

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