Using The Joomla Search Engine Friendly Patch (Video Guide)

Today’s video is again quiet long winded, I apologize in advance ;-) I’m still getting the hang of this… We cover the most important enhancements that the Joomla Search Engine Friendly Patch provides to help you improve your Joomla SEO (Also known as the SEF Patch for short). Links and some important notes below video.

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You can download the SEF patch from Joomla At Work.

View the template demo at

IMPORTANT: I don’t talk about this in the video but you must use FTP to upload the patch files and replace core Joomla files. You can’t install this like an extension. I don’t generally approve of ‘hacking’ Joomla like this – but for the SEF patch I make an exception because the features shown in the video are essential, in my opinion.
Also note that when you update your Joomla installation in the future the patch files will be overwritten again by Joomla core files and you will need to grab the latest SEF patch and reapply before your SEO modifications are live again. A pain I know, but until Joomla includes HTML title editing in the software I will keep using the SEF patch. Rankings = Traffic, need I say more.

Another thing I do not make clear in the video is that modifying the Title Tag parameters in mainmenu > home is a function that you can apply to any menu item – not just the home page – sorry about that ;-) the way I phrase it you would think it’s just a home page thing.

And lastly I don’t state that by updating the Black Bear Chromatic Title Tag this will also be visible in Google eventually – but not until Google re-indexes our Joomla template demo.

Thx for listening – If you have something you’d like to know about Joomla! then leave a comment and I’ll consider it for the next Joomla Video Tutorial.


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  1. I been following your video tutorials and great job on those!

    I actually been searching and never found any simple and direct guide for Joomla ads banner (buysellads and stuff like that). We could see this a lot in WordPress platform and wonder how this could be used for Joomla platform.

    • Thx Pembaris :-) I’m stil getting the hang of the vid software, and I keep remembering things I should have added to the videos but hopefully they still still help people get started.

      I don’t use the banner component a lot but I can make a quick vid about it if it’s useful.

  2. @BigBear,

    I see. Then maybe you could suggest what would be the best handler for these purposes. Anyway I noticed you used WordPress for blogging. Be sure to update your WP, there is security threat posted on TC.

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