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I’m halfway through watching this video at the time of this writing and it’s so interesting I’m embedding it in our blog right now – It’s 45 mins long so I guess I could call this intermission ;-) That’s also meant to be a warning to anyone about to watch it – make yourself a cup of coffee first! But do watch it if you are interested in building Joomla websites.

I’m doing deep research into the K2 Joomla component because I’m strongly considering using it for an Article Directory project I’m now involved in. This directory needs functionality that will enable users to join the website, post their own content, upload images and videos, provide commenting, tagging, etc and all of this in a straightforward and simple way that even technically challenged users will still find it easy.

K2 looks fantastic for this – we can set image resizing options and quality in a parameter – so images that are uploaded will automatically be converted to these dimensions and quality settings. This is something I love about WordPress and now with K2 it looks like we are going to be able to do this easily in Joomla as well.

Lots of other great looking features under the hood – the main thing that K2 does is lets you add additional fields to your content items – so for instance you could add a download field to the bottom of each article if you wanted to create a downloads site, etc.

I won’t harp on but encourage you to watch the video above. I will be posting about my experiences developing with K2 as I go so stay tuned and subscribe to the feed.

In other news I have recently been talking to a friend and fellow Joomla developer about building a Joomla affiliate store. She has done a great job with her Halloween Costumes store built with Joomla. She has used a Joomla component to import a feed of products as opposed to adding them one by one as I did with the ipod nano cases demo site.

This will obviously save a lot of time and I’ve had many questions about doing this since posting my original article on the topic. The extesion is a commercial one provided by

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  1. Hello,

    Does K2 provide the option for users to upload their own videos and images right out of the box?

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